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Enjoy Father’s Day With The Hub Network’s WWE Slamtastic Father’s Day Movies


What is more awesome than the WWE and Father’s Day, together?  A lot of guys and girls love watching the folks from the WWE wrestle their way to a championship belt!  WWE Legend Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart and his daughter WWE Diva Natalya are two popular figures on the circuit.  In fact, here is Jim Neidhart’s debut on Raw from way back in 1994!

Now, our friends from the Hub Network are doing a special Father’s Day lineup of their programming.  And you get to see Jim and Natalya as well!  Hub Network is doing the WWE Slamtastic Father’s Day Movies”.  You can see Stan Lee’s Mighty 7, The Next Karate Kid, and Superman III, all on one afternoon and evening!  The idea for this marathon is to have kids spend some quality time with their fathers and watch some great movies.  And you also get to see Jim and Natalya in the bumpers!  The interstitials will feature Neidhart and Natalya spending father-daughter time together, but with a wrestling twist. Viewers can enjoy a unique, humorous look into this WWE family and their idea of quality bonding.  In fact, here are two creative video commercials from Hub Network!

Catch the WWE Slamtastic Father’s Day Movies marathon on the Hub Network on Sunday June 15th starting at 2 pm Central time!

Oh!  And Hub Network will start airing the classic 1990’s sitcom Blossom on July 7th!  That will be a treat!


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