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My Close Encounter With The Police, Why People Must Stop Judging Others Based On First Looks


Today, our society faces a major problem when it comes to first impressions and looks.  This is why you see some people resorting to plastic surgery to get their looks perfect for jobs, partners, and opportunities.  When I am walking on the side of the road, I face a lot drivers who don’t like seeing me.  These drivers honk their horns, throw trash, yell some bad words, and some have deliberately served towards me.  Going back through my life, I think the way I look and act is a reason why no one will hire me, or give me an opportunity to prove myself.  And yes, after being unemployed for three years and having filled out more than 1000 job applications, I think my looks is a factor.

Yeah, I am overweight, and I have an disability.  But these two things should be not factors in making a friendship, or hiring me, or letting me help you.  I think most people who sees me for the first time, shy away from me.  Because of my looks and the way I act, and because of my disability.  But for the people who takes the time to talk to me and interact, they see me as a great person, this is the reason why I think most people have developed the first impression look factor, and it needs to stop.  This is why I made a photo like this!  Yes, having a disability is not factor in limiting my life!


Last Saturday night, I was walking back home from downtown Anniston, and suddenly a police car drives up next to me, the reason?  Someone called the police saying a big and weird guy was standing in front of Indian Hills Apartments and was concerned I was going to do something bad.  Now, the route I walk along Quintard Ave. and Greenbrier Dear Rd. takes me no where near Indian Hills Apartments.


After checking for any outstanding warrants (I have none), I was sent on my way.  I am not criticizing the Anniston Police Department, because they were doing their job, and the officers were very professional, I am just concerned that there are people who sees me as too weird, and a person who does not fit into society, just based on first looks.  And without spending the time to talk to me, and to see what I am all about.  This is why I am concerned about society today, and why no one will hire me or give me a chance, because people are basing me on first looks.  With the many car drivers doing some pretty mean things to me while I am walking along the road, I am concerned that the one driver might do something really bad, like hitting me, and driving off.

Today, more and more people are judging other people on first impressions without taking the time to talk to that person and getting to know that person.  If you do that to someone you see, how about actually walking up to that person, shaking their hand, and spending some time talking to that person.  You might make a new friend, or land a new job or opportunity, or learn something that needs changing in your community.  People in America have become too judgmental, and it’s contributing to the downfall of America!  Quit basing and judging others on first looks or impressions, and talk to that person and get to know them!

And if you know of something, e-mail me at [email protected]  Read my visual resume below!


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