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Defending Myself Against Those On Social Media And The Corrupt Anniston Media


Most of the time I get some good comments from people on social media, but sometimes I do get those mean and bad comments from that one bad apple in the bunch.  A good example of this is what happened yesterday on Facebook.  Someone had to talk bad about me behind my back.  Heck, if this person did not highlight my name while typing this post, I would have never known about it.


Seriously, I only make videos about how I can’t find a job?  Obviously you have not seen my YouTube channel!  As for this person saying I am ignoring him, let me talk about what he has been sending me, which have all ended in dead ends.  One job he was suggesting was in Heflin, which is 14 miles from Anniston.  And without a car, how do I get there and back everyday?  And no, it would not involve me walking along a major US highway with no shoulders.

This person has also sent me the same job fair info. from one local retail store.  Well, I have been going there and I have been denied, four times now!  You don’t keep going back to the same place over and over again when you know they don’t want you!  And the latest job post was about a fast food place.  Well, out of the past 13 jobs I have done, almost half of them have involved me getting fired from fast food places.  So, I know I can’t do fast food or restaurant jobs, and going back would only mean I would be looking for my 14th, then 15th, then 16th job, and so on.

And every other job offer this person has sent me has been checked into, but nothing has happened.  This person has also said that these are “guaranteed jobs.”  Um, they have not turned into guaranteed jobs, they have turned into dead ends.  I mean, this is not the only person who somehow thinks I am lazy.  I have another person who has threatened my at the same apartment complex I live.


And I have had other bad comments left on this site from random people.  This is why all comments left on the Geek Alabama site are moderated and I have to approve them before going public.  Two examples of bad comments are:

How about getting a real job? No one’s going to just up and offer you one. Get off you’re a** and apply and talk to managers….and actually bring in a real resume not some crappy visual/video one. Life isn’t free, the rest of us work for what we have, do the same and stop asking for handouts.

Well look at your petition that will be going nowhere here in Alabama. Face it Yankee, the majority of people in Alabama could care squat about people needing mental health treatments, especially when the treatments come from the taxpayers. You need to realize something; most people down in the south are tea party supporters and wants most if not all taxes cut, even if that means the people suffer. Why not you go back up north where you came from? And keep that f***ing big government high taxes nonsense up there.

Yeah, I am a very popular person here in Alabama.  The person on social media also suggested I get help from other organizations.  Well, I have tried that with no luck!  Voc rehab in Alabama has been a joke.  And when the state has cut back all mental health programs to almost non-existent, and the legislature wants to pretty much kill off all programs for people with intellectual disabilities, where do you turn to next, disability?

And for anyone new to this site, I do have Asperger’s Syndrome / Autism.  That really makes it much harder for me to find a job, and be at a job with other people.  At my past jobs, I had people push me into the water, sabotage my station, work in an environment with broken equipment, drive for 14-16 hours and break federal law, work prepping food with no instructions, get plenty of rude comments from customers, and many more things.

Us aspies don’t really work well in environments where it’s fast-paced and or working with other people.  It’s not because I don’t want to be around other people, it’s because the other people don’t understand the social traits of people with Asperger’s, and we often get taken advantage of.  I mean, many people I first meet are very nice and understand my conditions.  It’s just those people who will do anything to get ahead in the workplace.  It’s like the game Survivor, except we are not on an island, we are in the workplace.

And us aspies don’t do well in fast paced environments.  I have broken so much equipment it shut down the business for a short time and I was fired!  For example, I broke and shut down the soda machines at one fast food joint.  So, this person on social media who claims I am not looking hard enough, let me straight this one out.  Oh I am looking, but it has to be a good fit.  Just going to another job where I will fail will result in an longer list of job failures, that will not be good.

So, what kind of job I would be good at, well what I am doing right now?  Writing!  I have helped many people and organizations get more exposure, and along with the writing, I do mean picture taking, video taking, presentation creating, and more.  My Twitter bio says this:

I’m a big Road, Weather, and News Junkie Geek/Nerd. I do it all in media: writing, photos, videos, & social media. proud!

So, when I have been looking for something in the media world here in Anniston / Oxford, let’s just say this.  The Anniston / Oxford media scene is one of the most corrupt in all of America!  You have one radio station who does not want to pay it’s employees, and they have seen over 30 people quit over the past two years.  This same radio station is breaking FCC rules by pushing their signal further and against another radio station with the same frequency.

Another radio station is breaking FCC rules by not having a business office location.  And another radio station just saw their entire DJ staff quit at the same time last week.  I talked to the main DJ who created and built this radio station.  He could not say much because of legal stuff, but let’s just say he was screwed.  Other than the bad radio stations, you have a newspaper who gets plenty of negative comments and has a skeleton staff.  This same newspaper does not like me because I am a competitor, and would rather see me leave town.

And the local TV station is a place who has seen multiple people come and go, because of lack of pay.  I even helped out at this TV station, for no pay, and only to be shown the door.  So please don’t tell me I am not looking hard enough.  The problem is I am already at an dead end because the Anniston / Oxford media scene is very corrupt.  And also because the Anniston / Oxford metro is the least performing metro area in America, the few good media outlets can not even afford to hire me or anyone else for that matter.

So this means I have had to get creative!  I first created the visual resume which has over 14,000 views!

Then I got more creative and put up my video resume / CV.

Then I created the cover letter.

Then I created the visual resume game board with 4,000 views.

Then I created the visual resume infographic.

Then I created the visual resume storyline.

Then I put up my entire job and education history.

Then I got fed up and just put up my paper resume.

And after all of this, nothing!  Some of you might be thinking I am going crazy or something, but I have had some close calls with interviews in person or via Skype.  I have been to many job fairs, and I have filled out countless applications.  And as of today, I have been rejected 1,600 jobs.  I think keeping track of this at home is something to make me think about things.

stuff 002

And for some of you who say I am lazy.  Oh, I try to get as much time with an internet connection I can get.  Even if that means I am sitting outdoors on the concrete in the early morning hours to use a public wi-fi connection.  It’s fun doing this, especially when a Summer thunderstorm comes through and you can see the cloud and ground lighting strike close to you.  And man, it makes your butt hurt, but I do it.

stuff 001

So, what happens next?  I don’t know.  But I can guarantee this, I will continue to get those nasty and bad comments from some people here on the blog or on social media.  I do have fans, and it’s too bad the local newspaper won’t even acknowledge me as a news personality.  That’s how corrupt the media is in this town.  By the way, if you know something e-mail me at: [email protected]


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