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The Hidden Cash Craze In Alabama Is Not A Good Idea


Whenever you hide cash and announce that free cash is hiding somewhere, prepare to see people doing whatever it takes to get that cash!  The Twitter account @HiddenCash is going around and hiding cash around San Francisco and Los Angeles.  An anonymous millionaire in California is tweeting out clues to where cash is hidden, and the amounts range from $10 to $500.  Other major cities across the country are also having some kind of hidden cash event.  So, how does this Hidden Cash thing work, so people like this person below can celebrate holding up some cash?

The anonymous millionaire is hiding cash in certain areas of a city, then he tweets out clues to where the cash is at.  The result?  People acting like crazy to find the cash.

It’s one big scavenger hunt!  And now, the craze is coming to Alabama, and the city of Montgomery, thanks to the baseball team the Montgomery Biscuits.  Starting this Friday at 12 noon, the Montgomery Biscuits will tweet out clues to hidden cash in the Montgomery Metro using the Twitter account @HiddenCashMGM.  The cash hunt will involve most of the Montgomery Metro.  The hunt for cash will then move to Riverwalk Stadium at 6 pm when the stadium will open to the public without a ticket during the 8th inning and clues will continue until all envelopes are found.

Not surprisingly, some people are concerned that certain people are so desperate for cash, they will be pushing, shoving, snatching, and grabbing their way to the money.  So, I don’t know if this hidden cash thing in Alabama is a very good idea?  With Alabama being the only state in America experiencing an uptick in unemployment, and people struggling to live day-to-day, I think a better idea would be to use that cash and help people who needs help!  For states like Texas, California, and others with better economies, going to find Hidden Cash is a fun thing to do.  But Alabama has a lot of poor people, who are desperate for any help they can get!

The person behind Hidden Cash wants people to tweet their cash finds, and either use the money to help yourself or pay it forward.  Yes, these scavenger hunts are fun in most cities, but Alabama is a poor state, and if you hide cash somewhere and announce you have done so, prepare for the masses, because if it’s only $20, or $200, people will want to find that money.  I hope security will be increased for this Hidden Cash event in Montgomery, and if you are going to participate in this Hidden Cash promotion from the Montgomery Biscuits, good luck to you!  You are going to need it!

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