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This Ford Video Will Make People Think Twice Before Going Through A Car Wash

This video from the YouTube channel Ford will make people think twice before going through a car wash.  They convinced passengers to get an innocent car wash, and they had some of the undead meet the […]

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My Close Encounter With The Police, Why People Must Stop Judging Others Based On First Looks

Today, our society faces a major problem when it comes to first impressions and looks.  This is why you see some people resorting to plastic surgery to get their looks perfect for […]

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Why I Still Have A Problem With Google’s Self-Driving Cars

Imagine this, you can drive down the road, and text on your phone, eat, do makeup, read, play games, surf the web, or do anything else, while your car is driving itself. […]

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Confessions From A Former Delivery Driver

Lots of people have complained because UPS and FedEx were late on their Christmas deliveries.  UPS, FedEx, and the US Postal Service have blamed the late deliveries on the huge volume and […]

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Roadscapes Wednesday: Power Outage

I know this is a simple question to ask but answer this.  What do you do when you approach a traffic light that is out?  If you are in Alabama; the answer […]

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