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How The South Deals With Winter Weather


Over the last three weeks, the south has freaked out over the amount of snow and ice we have seen.  And as you have seen it on the news, people in the south freak out when snow and ice are in the forecast.  Whenever a meteorologist on the news mentions the “S” word, people go to the grocery store and raid all the bread and milk clean!

Then, schools make the announcement that school is going to be closed.  Normally, parents get an automated phone call telling them their kid’s school will be closed.  But lately, with so many school closing this year.  Some schools have gotten very creative with their school closings and it’s funny to watch!

Then, the weather guys warn everyone to stay off the roads and stay at home.  But sadly, many people in the south have ignored these warnings and have become stuck in nightlong traffic jams with some people abandoning their cars and walking to a nearby shelter.  Even if the road is empty of traffic, but covered with snow and ice, you see people going very fast, like they are invincible.  Soon, you see these same people in the ditch.

Then, if people are not in a bad situation, they have fun in the snow!  I guess it’s a tradition in the south for just about everyone to go out and take pictures of the snow.  Because it’s a rare thing in the south.  Snow rarely happens in the south, so when snow does happen, people get creative with their pictures!

Sure, people have been stranded and have struggled!  But you have to remember this, the south hardly has the equipment to remove and/or melt ice and snow off of the roads.  It does not make sense for governments to purchase snow plows and sand trucks to only be used once or twice a year.  It makes sense for places up north, but down here, when snow is in the forecast, people prepare, then stay home.

And if people become stuck or stranded in the south, most people will show their southern hospitality and help other people out.  I know you people up north were shocked and laughing after seeing images of people stranded in the south.  Yes, people can’t drive on snow and ice down here, but if something bad happens, people down here will help each other out, can you say the same thing up north?

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