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The February 16-17 Winter Storm Valentine’s Heart Bursting Bust


Well, I was ready to post something big about the upcoming winter storm that was going to effect north Alabama on Monday and Tuesday.  But I decided to wait, and look at the models more.  And while other sites posted things like getting prepared for the upcoming winter storm, and plenty of content showing you what would happen, the weather models began a dramatic turn to the north.

So what does this mean?  Most of Alabama is going to get a cold rain!  No snow, no ice, no sleet, a cold rain!  Yes, some areas in the far north of Alabama could maybe see a short period of freezing rain, sleet, or snow, but it should not be enough to cause problems.  And the rain might be heavy at times!  I would not be surprised to see some thunderstorms on Monday night, how about that for Alabama weather!

So, here is my call map.  Sorry Winter weather fans!  Maybe having one Winter without any major Winter weather events will not kill ya!  I think most folks would be happy going one Winter season without any ice or snow down here in Alabama.  But, we still have the rest of February and March to see if we get any Winter weather, so Winter is not over yet!

snow 2

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