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See The Top Ten Memes From The January 29 Alabama Snowless Event

So a lot of people today had the time to make some funny memes with a meme maker because they were out of work or school from this mostly snowless day.  Below, […]

Watch James Spann Read Some Mean Tweets After The Alabama Snowless Event

Today in Alabama, hardly any snow happened.  The most some people got was a small dusting, and here where I live in Anniston, we got no snow!  Many schools and businesses were […]

Weather Alert: My Thoughts About The January 29, 2019 Alabama Snow Event

The first winter weather event for Alabama in 2019 is upon us!  On early Tuesday morning, a band of rain changing to all snow will move from northwest to southeast across Alabama. […]

Good News Fridays: We (Southerners) Suck In Colder Weather

So, many people in the south hates Winter weather.  And despises driving inthe  snow and ice.  And anytime we see pictures of people stuck in the ice and snow.  Or see videos […]

The February 16-17 Winter Storm Valentine’s Heart Bursting Bust

Well, I was ready to post something big about the upcoming winter storm that was going to effect north Alabama on Monday and Tuesday.  But I decided to wait, and look at […]

Extreme Cold Weather Tips To Survive The Alabama Arctic Blast

No weatherman has to tell you that it will be cold in Alabama for the next few days.  Temps will struggle to get above freezing for the rest of the week.  And […]

How The South Deals With Winter Weather

Over the last three weeks, the south has freaked out over the amount of snow and ice we have seen.  And as you have seen it on the news, people in the […]

The February 12th Snow Bust In Anniston

Yep, most of North Alabama has seen some great snow totals, except for the Anniston area.  To our east, ice buildup has been the big story. UPDATE: Ice storm grips parts of […]

Aspie Recipes: Homemade Snow Cream

Every Winter, many parts of the country gets snow.  And enough snow falls that people can collect the snow to do a lot of things from building snowmen, throwing snowballs, building luge […]

The January 28th Snow Nightmare In Alabama

UPDATE: This will be one of the few posts on Geek Alabama today due to the weather emergency going on in Alabama. No doubt about it, many people in Central Alabama were […]

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