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The Evening Post: The Sickness That Needs No Cure

Do you have a case of Southernitis?  Do you have manners, do you speak southern, do you enjoy the southern food?  Then you have a fever of Southernitis!  And this really effects […]

Enjoy Spring While You Can In The South

You can trust what these people say because it’s the internet.  Guess what, it’s Spring in the south!  The humidity is low, and the temps are comfortable, and you know that won’t […]

See Why It’s Hard Being An Introvert In The South

Ah yeah, since I am on the Autism Spectrum (Asperger’s Syndrome), I am a HUGE introvert.  It could be on the bus, at the cashier line, getting hair done, at a social […]

Smarter Every Day Explains How Sloppy Joe Sauce Changed A Marriage

So, are you about to get married?  Or just into your new marriage?  This video is for you!  The Alabama based YouTube channel Smarter Every Day has a new video, and it’s […]

How The South Deals With Winter Weather

Over the last three weeks, the south has freaked out over the amount of snow and ice we have seen.  And as you have seen it on the news, people in the […]

Music Thursdays: Brad Paisley’s Accidental Racist

Who would have thought a duet with Brad Paisley and LL Cool J would cause so much controversy!  One of Brad Paisley’s latest songs is called “Accidental Racist.”  The song is off Brad […]

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