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Why I Find Valentine’s Day As A Waste / What I Want To See In A Woman


Since Valentine’s Day is today, I wanted to share my thoughts about the day, and why I have never dated anyone and I am 27 years old.  Valentine’s Day is a day I think is overrated.  Each year, many people goes out to buy anything beautiful like flowers, candy, teddy bears, cards, etc.  Each year, I have avoided having to go out and purchase anything for Valentine’s Day, other than the discount Valentine’s candy you get the next day, which I enjoy myself.

The next thought, why would anyone buy anything that goes bad a few days later?  Those flowers will be dead within a week.  That candy will be gone in hours.  That card will most likely end up in a drawer or in the trash can.  And that teddy bear will be in some kid’s toy box in days.  People go out and buy Valentine’s Day gifts that will not last, and in my opinion, a waste of money.  Retailers and small businesses makes tons of money each year from people who buy stuff that only gives a small reminder on why they love their spouse.

Valentine’s Day should not be the only day you should really be concentrating on the love of your spouse.  You should be thinking, and be happy that you have a spouse that loves you every day.  I know of many couples who only think real hard about the love of their life on special days like Valentine’s Day or their anniversary.  You should show why you love your spouse all the time, not on a certain few days.  I find Valentine’s Day as a day to stay away from businesses, and stay at home and enjoy a movie while I am eating a frozen pizza, which is what I am doing tonight.

Sadly, I think Valentine’s Day was only created so people can think about what they can buy to make their spouses love them more.  I think this was a special holiday created by businesses so they can make money, which is wrong.  It should not take Valentine’s Day to remind yourself to think about and love your spouse.  You should show your commitment to your spouse like it was your wedding day.  Which means think and love daily!

So after my Valentine’s Day rant, some people have asked me why I have never dated and I am 27 years old.  Simple, I am just not interested right now.  I am an introvert, and these types of people prefers to be alone.  I know many people meet their potential mates in settings like a bar, party, or crowed areas.  For me, I like to avoid the crowded areas and prefer to be at home and chilling.  I hate going to parties and areas with way too many people like bars.  You will rarely see in a bar, and the only reason I would be in a bar would be to review the place for Geek Alabama.

Throughout my years in school and up to today.  I have never been interested in women or men.  And down here in Alabama, there is a lot of pressure on you during your high school years.  Guys in high school mostly thinks about two things, cars and girls.  Meanwhile, I did not care about fancy cars or cute girls while in school.  During my senior year in high school, things were tough.  You see, all seniors usually ends up with a date for the senior prom.  And yes, I broke that tradition because I went to the senior prom alone!  At least I was dressed nice.


Yes, I believe one day someone will come along and things will change.  But for now, I find Valentine’s Day as a waste of time.  I am a guy who does not get the concept of romance.  For example, when I see a couple kissing on TV, I just roll my eyes.  When I see a couple proposing, I think to myself “how long is that relationship going to last.”  When I see a couple in person liking each other and smiling, I usually get up and walk away.  And it applies to Facebook too, several women posing as spammers have infiltrated my Facebook inbox with cute messages that I know are fake.  Even if they were real, I would still not be interested.


So if any women out there is reading this, and if I am breaking their hearts right now.  I wanted to post this list of traits I want to see in a woman.

  • I want a woman who respects others and treats others with respect.
  • I want a woman who respects their own body and believes their body is beautiful.
  • I want a woman who likes the geek and nerd culture.
  • I want a woman who respects animals and the less-fortunate.
  • I want a woman who will not make fun of me or bully me.
  • I want a woman who respects the hobbies I do, and I would respect the hobbies the woman does as well.
  • I want a woman who respects the aspect of love and is caring.
  • I want a woman who will not take advantage of me and will want a divorce sometime later in the relationship.

Until I see a woman with those traits above, I shall remain single.  Even if that means I stay single until the time I leave this Earth.  I know there is pressure in the Christian faith to marry, but if Jesus Christ was never married and turned out just fine, I don’t have to get married just to satisfy someone’s faith.  Sorry to ruin some of your Valentine’s Day fun, I just do not get the holiday.

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