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These Are The Eight Types Of People You Encounter At The Grocery Store

When you go to the grocery store, you often counter certain people.  From the person who carries a lot of stuff in their arms, people talking to each other in the aisles, […]

Watch Bill Gates Guess Grocery Prices Really Badly

I am guessing billionaire Bill Gates does not go shopping for groceries, because his guesses for some common grocery prices were way off!  Ellen DeGeneres on her show had Bill Gates guess […]

See How Supermarkets Get You To Spend More Money

We all go to the grocery store to do some food shopping.  But, every grocery store has tricks to get you to spend more money and more unhealthier things as well.  BuzzFeed […]

Beat Childhood Cancer By Buying Alabama’s Best Products In September

This September, you can help beat childhood cancer by supporting products made in Alabama.  Buy Alabama’s Best is running a September campaign to encourage everyone to buy products from Alabama, and at […]

Aspie Vlogs Episode 6: Severe Weather & Walking To Store

Episode 6 of Aspie Vlogs is here!  In this episode I talk about some severe weather that happened in Anniston.  I also show you how I walk to the grocery store in […]

Watch John Oliver Talk About Why America Throws Away A Lot Of Food

Man, Last Week Tonight has been great to watch, and the last episode has John Oliver talking about why we throw away a lot of perfectly eatable food.  In some cases, we […]

Food Review: Chili’s Bacon Mac N’ Cheese

So I was looking for something to enjoy with my freshly cooked grocery store fried chicken I enjoyed on Monday night.  I spent some time in the freezer aisle, and saw that […]

Food Review: Polk’s Meat Products

Over the weekend at my local Winn-Dixie, someone was giving out free food samples, I love those free food samples!  The food samples was from a meat company in Mississippi called Polk’s […]

The Best Salvation Army Bell Ringer You’ll Ever Meet

  Meet Shannin Ross, who is the best Salvation Army Bell Ringer you’ll ever meet!  Shannin is manning the Salvation Army red kettle in front of the Winn-Dixie in Golden Springs.  What makes […]

You Can Now Use Apple Pay At Winn-Dixie

Over the past few weeks when I shop at Winn-Dixie, I noticed the credit card readers were swapped out, and now I know why.  They swapped out all the credit card readers […]

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