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Watch Siberian Huskies Playing In Feet Of Deep Snow

People in Alabama missed out on the snow today.  But for those living in northern Michigan, they have been getting buried in feet of snow.  The YouTube channel Gone to the Snow Dogs […]

Video Roundup: The 25th Anniversary Of The Blizzard Of 1993 Media Coverage

Today is a cold day across Alabama, but 25 years ago a historic snowstorm dumped over one foot of snow across Central and Northern Alabama.  Just about all of Alabama got some […]

Video And Pictures From The January 16, 2018 Alabama Snowstorm

Time for a video and pictures from another Alabama snowstorm!  This time around, the snow amounts were lighter, but the snow that did fall caused all roads to become icy and impassable.  […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: What 50 Inches Of Snow Looks Like

For people living along the western shores of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York, every Winter they get a bunch of snow.  The lake effect snow is […]

Video And Pictures From The December 8, 2017 Alabama Snowstorm

Well, the winter storm overperformed, and East Alabama got a lot of snow!  As of this writing, I have measured 5 inches of snow and the snow is still falling.  So, I […]

Good News Fridays: View My Let It Rain Frozen Parody Video

Man what a week!  No snow in Anniston, then Leonard Nimoy passing away, then government officials in Alabama being corrupt, it’s been a very tough week!  So last night, to combat getting […]

Let It Rain, Let It Rain, That Is All We Mostly Got In Anniston

I am seriously thinking about making my own “Let It Snow” parody called “Let It Rain”, because here in the Golden Springs area of Anniston, that is all we mostly got.  The […]

The February 16-17 Winter Storm Valentine’s Heart Bursting Bust

Well, I was ready to post something big about the upcoming winter storm that was going to effect north Alabama on Monday and Tuesday.  But I decided to wait, and look at […]

Reflections On Snowpocalypse 2014 / Plus Pictures And Videos From The Blizzard Of 2015

One year ago, people in Alabama thought we were only going to get just a few flurries, and everything was going to be like a normal weekday, boy was everyone wrong!  In […]

Help Raise Money / Downtown Birmingham Snow Picture for a Cause

Last week, during the latest snow event in Alabama.  Birmingham got a couple of inches of the white stuff.  One photo taken of downtown Birmingham during the snow, has gone viral.  And […]

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