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My Only Thanksgiving Wish For 2013


Thanksgiving is here and I wanted to do a quick post about Thanksgiving.  I will not be doing much Thanksgiving stuff this year, one, I am helping someone move on the holiday.  And two, I have continued my unemployment streak to over 28 months now.  I guess it’s not my fault, because the East Alabama region is one of the poorest regions in America and I know of many people who are unemployed.

So what do I want to be thankful for?  One, for someone to either hire me or give me income to run this blog.  Since I posted my visual resume and video two weeks ago, over 1,000 people have seen it!  I have gotten a few e-mails from marketers who have said my best hope is to market Geek Alabama.  First off, I have no money to market this blog.  And two, I now average around 2,000 views a day which is great!  My Alexa rankings actually beat many other media organizations like newspapers, radio stations, and TV stations.  The only two I have not beaten is the two big newspapers in East Alabama.  Sadly, no one can afford to even think about advertising from here because East Alabama is too poor.

My only Thanksgiving and Christmas wish this year is for someone to hire me.  That’s it!  When someone hires me, I can get into better shape and fix my teeth while one tooth is decaying away in my mouth.  I can get better equipment and produce much better stuff for Geek Alabama or anyone else!  I just want someone to hire me!  I know of many other people here in East Alabama who are hoping their Christmas wish of employment is also granted.  I wish we would see a major media organization like CBS, CNN, FOX, NBC, ABC or others do a story about the major problems in East Alabama, it needs to happen!

So if you know of something, e-mail me at [email protected]  View my visual resume and video below, enjoy!  And Happy Thanksgiving!


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