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My Picks For The Adweek Hot List Reader’s Choice Poll 2013


Which shows or networks do you enjoy watching?  Well, you have a say in which shows, actors, and networks are the best!  The Adweek Hot List Reader’s Choice Poll is still open through Monday November 25.  You can vote from 18 categories ranging from hottest comedy, hottest drama, hottest networks, and so on.  The results of the voting will be kept a secret until their first-ever Hot List Gala on December 2, where the winners of the Reader’s Choice Poll, as well as the annual Hot List (as determined by Adweek’s editors), will all be revealed.

So I voted for my top picks in each category and I wanted to tell you what I picked!  To vote go to:

Hottest Show of the Year – I would vote for Breaking Bad but the Netflix show Orange Is the New Black has a good chance of winning.

Hottest Guilty Pleasure – I voted for True Blood, but American Horror Story could win.

Hottest Comedy – Hands down, The Big Bang Theory!

Hottest Drama – I like Game of Thrones, but I voted for Breaking Bad because it was a great show!

Hottest Thriller – Why is The Walking Dead not on this list?  I voted for American Horror Story.

Hottest Show on Social Media – The Waking Dead trends on social media every Sunday night, I voted for it!

Hottest Reality/Competition Series – Quack, Quack, Duck Dynasty!

Hottest Late Night Host – This was a tough choice!  Either Stephen Colbert or Jon Stewart could win, but I voted for Jimmy Fallon!

Hottest Syndicated Show – I like watching The Dr. Oz Show.  But The Ellen Show could win.

Hottest Broadcast Network in Prime Time – I voted for CBS.

Hottest Network for Comedy – I voted for Comedy Central.

Hottest Network for Drama – AMC has some great dramas!

Hottest Network for Sports – I voted for ESPN.

Hottest Network for News – I voted for Fox News Channel.

Hottest Family Network – Why is Discovery Channel and ABC Family on this list, I voted for the Hub Network (The Hub)!  The best family network currently on the air.

Hottest Newcomer, Comedy – I think Brooklyn Nine-Nine is the best new comedy show.

Hottest Newcomer, Drama – I would vote for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., but with the ratings going down the tube, I voted for The Blacklist.

Hottest Comeback – Hard to pick here.  I picked Laura Prepon.

You have until Monday November 25th to vote!  To vote go to:

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