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Watch This Inspiring Night Of Too Many Stars Yoda Video Featuring Weird Al Yankovic

Good job America!  Lots of money was raised during the Night of Too Many Stars over the weekend on Comedy Central.  The show was great, but one part at the end was […]

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The 2015 Night Of Too Many Stars For Autism Airs Tonight

I don’t know why Comedy Central would air The Night Of Too Many Stars at the same time The Walking Dead is airing, but I guess it’s going to happen!  Comedy Central has […]

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Animation Monday: TripTank / The Boondocks Season Four

On this Animation Monday, written on late Tuesday / early Wednesday because of the Alabama severe weather on Monday, I am talking about two new animated shows on TV.  One is brand […]

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Animation Monday: TV.com Top Adult And Child Animated Series Voting

On this Animation Monday, I am going to talk about a poll from TV.com where they want people to vote for the Best Of 2013 for TV.  There are many categories like […]

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My Picks For The Adweek Hot List Reader’s Choice Poll 2013

Which shows or networks do you enjoy watching?  Well, you have a say in which shows, actors, and networks are the best!  The Adweek Hot List Reader’s Choice Poll is still open […]

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TV Reviews: @ Midnight / The Pete Holmes Show

Over the past few weeks, two new shows have appeared on the 11 pm central timeslot, or midnight Eastern.  These shows are catering to the young adult crowd who tends to stay […]

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Animation Monday: New Animation for Fall 2012

Every fall we get to see a bunch of brand new TV show that are trying to get us to watch.  While I will have a post later on my most anticipated fall TV […]

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The Viacom/DirectTV Debacle

Who saw this coming?  Viacom and DirectTV has been locked in a contract battle over fees.  And most people are siding with DirectTV on this issue.  Viacom wants to charge DirectTV an extra 30% […]

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