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Sunday Discussion: Why The Big Bang Theory Leaves Behind A Mixed Legacy

The Big Bang Theory is now over.  The Big Bang Theory is coming to an end after 12 seasons, and has proven so popular it even topped Game of Thrones last week […]

Support The Big Bang Theory LEGO CUUSOO Project

No doubt, one of the most popular geeky/nerdy shows is The Big Bang Theory on CBS.  And with their popular fame, you would think they would be introduced to the LEGO world. […]

My Picks For The Adweek Hot List Reader’s Choice Poll 2013

Which shows or networks do you enjoy watching?  Well, you have a say in which shows, actors, and networks are the best!  The Adweek Hot List Reader’s Choice Poll is still open […]

TV Review: Fangasm on Syfy Channel

Have you checked out this new reality TV series on Syfy Channel called Fangasm?  If not, you should give this show a try!  Fangasm premiered a few weeks ago and the show […]

Christmas 2012 With Family

  Yes on Christmas Day I went to my mom’s house.  Christmas did feature a couple of tornadoes in south Alabama but in Ragland, AL we just got some rain and storms. […]

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