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Sunday Discussion: How Fox Became The King Of Cable News

Fox News is, by a significant margin, the largest cable news network in America. Between Fox News, Fox Business, Fox Nation, and a vast internet presence, their reach is in the tens […]

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Enjoy A Bad Lip Reading Of The First Republican Presidential Debate

The YouTube channel Bad Lip Reading is back with a new bad lip reading of the first Republican Presidential Debate that was shown on Fox News.  You will really enjoy the 13 second closing […]

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Shepard Smith Calms People’s Fears About Ebola In Four Minutes

The Ebola outbreak in Africa has got some people here in the United States very concerned.  Sure, there have been a few cases of the disease confirmed in places like in Texas. […]

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My Picks For The Adweek Hot List Reader’s Choice Poll 2013

Which shows or networks do you enjoy watching?  Well, you have a say in which shows, actors, and networks are the best!  The Adweek Hot List Reader’s Choice Poll is still open […]

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The Weather Channel’s Isaac Coverage

Last week many people tuned in to The Weather Channel to watch Hurricane Isaac slam into Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.  Of course being the weather geek that I am I watched a lot […]

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