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The Evening Post: The Walking Dead Season 10 Finale: Extended Opening Minutes

Get an extended first look at the return of Lauren Cohan as Maggie. The Walking Dead Season 10 Finale airs Sunday, October 4 on AMC.  Enjoy a sneak peek below! Click to […]

The Evening Post: The Walking Dead Universe Trailer

Welp, The Walking Dead is about to have a teenager themed series.  It’s like if Degrassi or Saved by the Bell had zombies.  AMC released their first trailer for this new series.  […]

Sunday Discussion: Why People Stopped Watching The Walking Dead

I love watching The Walking Dead, but sadly many others have tuned out.  In fact, ratings for this season are now the lowest since season one!  Yeah, it should start concerning AMC […]

View The Walking Dead Season 7 / Fear The Walking Dead Mid Season 2 Comic Con Trailers

Today has been a big day over at San Diego Comic Con.  If you like The Walking Dead franchise, then you are going to enjoy these two trailers below!  The first trailer […]

Watch The Into The Badlands Trailer And Watch The Premiere Tonight

Tonight at 9 pm Central, AMC premieres Into The Badlands.  The show is set in the future where guns are banned, and to defend yourself you have to learn killer martial arts! […]

Thoughts About Fear The Walking Dead S1 Finale / The Walking Dead S6 Premiere

This post is going to talk about plenty of zombies on The Walking Dead.  But first, I wanted to talk about the Fear the Walking Dead season finale.  I wrote about how […]

See The First Three Minutes Of Fear The Walking Dead

Yea, zombies are back baby!  On Sunday night at 8 pm Central, AMC premieres the spinoff series Fear The Walking Dead!  To get everyone hyped up, AMC has put out the first […]

View The Awesome The Walking Dead Season 5 Trailer

Today at Comic-Con, AMC released the season 5 trailer to The Walking Dead!  The video features a lot of action and it should be watched now, the season 5 premiere is on […]

The Walking Dead Season Four Is Over

Well, tonight we saw the season four finale of The Walking Dead.  Rick became a vampire and actually bit the neck off from a person.  And the entire group is reunited, in […]

Why Is Cosmos Airing At The Same Time As The Walking Dead

Tonight, all of us geeks and nerds are going to have a very tough time deciding what to watch at 8 pm Central.  In one corner, the ever popular The Walking Dead […]

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