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The Cable One / Walking Dead Failure


March 15th UPDATE: Cable One announced that it has reached a multiyear agreement with AMC Networks for continued carriage of AMC and WeTV.  So no one will lose access to The Walking Dead or other AMC shows!

Sunday nights are prime TV viewing time for many people.  Lots of great shows such as Downton Abbey, Once Upon A Time, Dexter, Shameless, and the most popular The Walking Dead comes on.  So when I got back home after going out to eat, I expected to start playing The Walking Dead that was recording on the DVR.  When I push play, I see the movie Anaconda.  This movie is about snakes and not about zombies!  I was waiting to see some zombie killing.  Instead I got to see Ice Cube and Jennifer Lopez.


This is sadly not the first time I have had issues with Cable One.  Cable One has this crazy internet cap.  If you go over 50 GB you have to pay 50 cents for each additional GB you use.  This means if you are one of those people who just has internet and streams their favorite shows and movies through Netflix, Hulu Plus, or Roku.  You have one big bill coming!  This forces you to get their cable services as well.  Since I write the Geek Alabama blog, I can barely stream anything.  Here was my GB statement from last month.


To add insult to injury; the 50 MB (which is actually around 35 MB) speed only applies to stuff you download.  If you want to upload stuff like pictures and videos like I do on Geek Alabama, you only get around 2 MB.


And let’s not get started with their cable service.  Some of the most popular channels like AMC, E!, MTV, Comedy Central, Cartoon Network, CNN, Nick, and others are not available in HD.  And at times, the ESPN channels in HD are not even working.  Cable ONE has added new channels like Nat Geo Wild, MTV 2, Fox Business, Disney Junior, and others.  But for some reason I can’t pick them up and the cable box says “channel available shortly.”

My bill is around $120 each month.  If I wanted to just get internet and streamed shows, it would be around $60 for the internet, $30 a month for Netflix and Hulu Plus.  And extra costs for going over the 50 GB cap.  So basically it would not be worth just streaming shows.  And since I live in Anniston, I am too far away to pick up the over the air stations in Birmingham.  In Alabama, you have got to have ways to watch severe weather coverage through the local TV stations.  We have seen our fair share of tornadoes!

I wish the Anniston/Oxford area would dump Cable One and pick up another cable provider.  At least there are alternatives like Dish Network, Direct TV, and AT&T U-verse!  To get out of a contract with Cable One, it’s not going to be cheap!  I saw it was around $120-$240 to break out of a contract.  Since I don’t have a job and I am running low on money, this is going to be a fun experience!

I am sure some zombies from The Walking Dead like Larry Mainland, Savana Jade Wehunt, and Sonya Thompson does not appreciate seeing their fans getting shortchanged!  Let Sonya Thompson’s growl serve as a warning to cable companies who messes things up!

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  1. Cable One had nothing to do with that mixup. AMC did. Your cable provider does nothing but provide the channels, not the programming. I dont work for Cable one, and they’re not in my market, but I am in the telecom biz and used to work in a call center taking angry calls from ignorant people complaining to the cable company for something the networks do. Aim your ire where it belongs, at AMC. They did this to all the cable providers.

  2. From the comments I saw on Facebook and Twitter. The other cable providers did not have this problem and only Cable One was having this problem. I don’t know the whole story so we will find out soon whose fault it is. Many people here in Anniston were angry about this!

  3. Cable one sucks as a cable provider. As for the person who said all cable providers messed up with the walking dead, you are a liar. I walked over to my neighbors house and watched the walking dead on their cable which is Direct TV. Cable one should be apologizing to their customers instead of trying to make excuses. Since this is not the first time I have been burned by cable one, one I will be cancelling my service with them and switching to Direct TV.

  4. Cable One says they are working with AMC to correct the issue. This was a issue for Cable One since Friday night. You would have thought they would have fixed the problem before The Walking Dead on Sunday night.

  5. People here in the Anniston area will go crazy if Cable One drops AMC. I guess AT&T, Dish Network, and Direct TV is about to pick up a lot of business!

  6. Dish has already dropped AMC and Verizon and ATT came close before AMC backed off on their demands. Hasn’t anyone here heard of a google search? AMC are the gangsters of television broadcasting. They are constantly trying to shake down providers for more money and who do you think absorbs that cost…. we do!

  7. I have heard from both sides in this debate. But I am glad it’s over! Cable One announced a new deal with AMC. So The Walking Dead and Mad Men will not be dropped. I’m happy!