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Sunday Discussion: The Good and the Bad

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On this Sunday Discussion, on a Saturday.  I needed to update things to everyone who has e-mailed, Facebook messaged, or messaged me on Twitter.  First off, the bills have been taken cared of.  Next, my mom got me some groceries and supplies to last for a while.  Thanks mom!

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The car has been fixed from a friend I know, so it’s driveable.

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Here comes something not too good, last night, my cap to my tooth came off.  No, it’s not hurting me at all as the tooth is sealed.  But if the cap stays off for a long time, things might be different.  Hopefully someone will point me to a dentist.

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Another update.  My mother called Alabama Vocational Rehabilitation on Friday.  This time, someone new is in the office.  It’s not like last time when I worked with ADRS, and I had to call headquarters in Montgomery because nothing was being done.  Yes, there will be a meeting next week.

After talking with several people online and on the phone, I needed to put together a post that highlights what I have done so far, and what I want to do.  First off, I think I have the highest social media followers, while unemployed than anyone else.  Just take a look!

Twitter @nvyoung – 1,255 followers


Facebook – Over 250 followers (friends + subscribers)


Pinterest – 242 followers


Google Plus – 86 followers

google plus


about me

Rebel Mouse

rebel mouse

Using my social media skills, for the last few years, I have helped out with a local TV station running their Facebook page and Twitter feed, all without pay.  Most of my social media followers came through the Geek Alabama blog.  Speaking of the blog, I have done numerous posts, covered many events with photos and videos, mentioned many charities, crowdsourcing projects, artists, and more!  More than 250,000 people have come to the blog since it started, and that number continues to grow!  Some people have mentioned that I should partner with another media source, there’s an idea.  I also have great photo making and video making skills.  There’s another idea!

Many people who I have talked too seems to think that I would be perfect for any jobs that involves media or computers.  And I think that would be perfect for me.  The only problem here in East Alabama, the newspapers and the local TV station considers me competition. Only the radio stations in East Alabama have helped me out.

But, many people involved in media follows me along on social media, especially Twitter.  I would think that there has to be some media job out there from a magazine, newspaper, TV station, website, radio station, etc.  I have been featured on several radio stations like WDNG 1450 am, Oh Brother Radio on Birmingham Mountain Radio, a hangout from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and I have been on ABC 33/40 and CBS 42.

I have been on the ever-ending job search since being fired in August 2011.  I have applied to over 425 jobs ranging from fast-food and up.  I have also gone to 14 job fairs across Alabama.  Here’s a link to the biggest job fair I went to in Birmingham.


The types of jobs I would do very bad in are jobs that are fast-paced.  That’s where I have been fired or let go the most.  Jobs like fast-food, factory production, stocking, etc. will not be good for me as I will mess things up quickly.  Yes, people on the Autism spectrum can have melt-downs or literally shut down when they feel stressed.  And it has happened to me several times.  But, companies all across the country are now seeing the benefits of Aspies.  Many Aspies are really good with technical stuff like computers.

So I will be calling ADRS on Monday morning.  We will see what will happen.  I would like to get something done by August 15th, or my birthday!

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