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Sunday Discussion: Why Shepard Smith Abruptly Left Fox News

Friday afternoon many in the media world was shocked.  Shepard Smith announced at the end of his show that he was quitting Fox News and afterwards immediately left the building and went […]

Animation Monday: Political Cartoonists And The Troubled Career Field

Last week during the Charlie Hebdo attacks, four cartoonists were killed.  And it is shocking!  I mean, cartoonists are some of the people who provides some of the biggest free speech moments […]

Sunday Discussion: John Oliver’s Native Advertising Video

On this Sunday Discussion, I am pointing you to the YouTube channel Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.  In this video below, John Oliver nails the talk about Native Advertising.  Native Advertising is where […]

My Mother’s Day Message To My Mother, And I Address The Geek Alabama Critics

So today is Mother’s Day, and I wanted to write this post and talk about my own mom.  And let’s just say, my relationship with my mom has been very interesting.  For […]

Thank You The Regular Guys For Pranking The Media Once Again

Apparently, most of the mainstream media has not learned to fact-check their news stories.  After the Jimmy Kimmel Sochi wolf prank last week, you would think the media would check their sources […]

Good News Fridays: The Jimmy Kimmel Sochi Wolf Prank

The media on TV and online has become a wasteland of only publishing stories that will generate the most comments and generate the most social media shares.  So when Olympic athlete Kate […]

Lessons Learned From The Winter Storm Nightmare

What a week in the south!  On Tuesday, everyone was going on their normal business when everything came to a halt!  Soon, kids were forced to spend an entire night at school, […]

Sunday Discussion: The Good and the Bad

On this Sunday Discussion, on a Saturday.  I needed to update things to everyone who has e-mailed, Facebook messaged, or messaged me on Twitter.  First off, the bills have been taken cared […]

2012 Year In Review: Geek Alabama’s Top Stories of 2012

  2012 has been a crazy year!  Lots of news and events happened and some of it was tough to swallow.  So here is my list of the top 10 stories of […]

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