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Trainscapes: Autistic YouTuber Travels On Amtrak

Can someone with an disability travel on their own on Amtrak?  Yes they can!  Jen from Rebranding Autism got a chance to participate in the #AmtrakTakeMeThere Social Media program.  She rode on […]

Animation Monday: Overload Claymation Short Film

For those of us with Autism or Apserger’s, a ton of sounds and noise can overstimulate us.  And a perfect example of this is on the subway or mass transit.  Joe Blandamer […]

Alabama Athletics Receives Sensory-Inclusive Certification From KultureCity

The University of Alabama Department of Athletics has partnered with KultureCity to make Bryant-Denny Stadium sensory inclusive. This new initiative will promote a more accessible and positive experience for guests and fans with sensory needs at the stadium. […]

Good News Fridays: Boy Consoles Crying Classmate With Autism On First Day Of School

Since I am on the Autism spectrum, I love something like this!  A 8-year-old boy from Wichita, Kansas, saw a fellow classmate crying on the first day of school. So he showed […]

The Evening Post: Charles Daniel Is Leaving ABC 33/40

Today, meteorologist Charles Daniel announced that he has left ABC 33/40.  Charles wrote a lengthy Facebook post about why he is leaving.  And it’s mostly because of the Autism Spectrum his kids […]

APSO’s Sensory Room At Jones Elementary Is A Hit With Kids And Teachers

Post by Donna Cope from Alabama NewsCenter With the addition of the new sensory room at John S. Jones Elementary School in Rainbow City, it’s not unusual to hear peals of joy — and the […]

Support Unless U’s New Headquarters On This Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is today.  Today is the day charities around the world are asking people for donations.  And I have a special organization in Alabama that you should support today!  I have […]

Watch A Real Doctor React To An Episode Of The Good Doctor

I love The Good Doctor!  As someone with high functioning Autism, seeing the main character act with Autism is a good thing as it shows that anyone with a disability can achieve […]

My Thoughts Of Having Autism In Alabama On World Autism Awareness Day

Today is World Autism Awareness Day, the rates for those with Autism is getting higher and higher.  And in this post, I wanted to talk about me having Autism (Asperger’s Syndrome), while […]

View My Response To Trump’s Evil Bully Attack On Those With Disabilities

So, yesterday Trump put out his latest budget that would pretty much screw me.  I recorded a video talking about my response, and on Facebook it has become very popular!  I am […]

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