Reflections On Geek Alabama’s 5000th Post / Nathan’s Upcoming 29th Birthday


This is a very special post here on Geek Alabama!  For starters, this is the 5000th post on this site!  Yep, from the time I started this site in August 2011 until August 2015, I have written 5000 quality articles including plenty of great stories, photos, and videos!  And here is the second thing, this week is my birthday week, and on Saturday August 15th, I will be 29 years old.  And with my birthday coming up, I just don’t feel like celebrating.  I mean, others have had fun on their birthdays this year, many have had good parties, and quite of few have taken some cool vacations, I know because I have seen the pictures on social media while I see them in the middle of the night using a public Wi-Fi source.

So to kick off my birthday week, I have decided to make a personalized hand drawn birthday card for everyone that knows me!  And just like my special Christmas card last year, I have made the card serious.  As you see below, I am wishing for a number one birthday this year!  And I am not the only one hoping for a number one birthday.  Alabama has plenty of number one things it should be ashamed of.  From having the most people with disabilities in America, to having some of the worst public corruption in America, to having some of the worst education cutbacks in America, to having some of the worst bullying in America, to having some of the worst job creation and economies in America, and of course having some of the worst healthcare cutbacks in America, with more probably coming.

Alabama continues to shoot itself in the foot each and every day.  And just like the Christmas card, this birthday card is going to be seen by plenty of people, here in Alabama and around the world.  So, I wish you have a number one birthday, while having some of the worst problems in America, welcome to weird and corrupt Alabama!

card 001

So, with my birthday card out of the way, let’s talk about some of my feelings as Geek Alabama reaches 5000 posts and my 29th birthday fast approaching.   First off, just like what I have said above, I am not going to enjoy my birthday this weekend.  I mean, a birthday should be a time where you enjoy your special day, get some gifts, go out with friends, and have a happy and grand time!  Instead, I will be in a bad mood while my gifts will be simple supplies like soap and toilet paper, I will probably see my mother and we will be talking about the bullying online, I hope I get some money from my grandparents, and might go out and eat in some cheap restaurant.  Because I am unemployed, my mom is unemployed, and my half-brother is unemployed.  What a great birthday this will be!

Hey, a little money is better than nothing at all; it means I can afford some toilet paper instead of stealing some at the library, that’s something good I guess.  And if my regular life is not doing too well, well my online life has been in turmoil!  You have probably seen the story about someone creating a “Nathan Sucks” YouTube account and leaving a bunch of harassful comments.  Have not seen it, enjoy me reading them below.  The video has uncensored bad language in it.

Well, the past week also has seen a few others on social media taking a shot.  For example, when I wrote an article about the legislature wanting to cut a lot out of education, a big radio conservative talker named Dale Jackson called me out.

Then I called him out, and of course then he called me back.

This happens quite a bit with media here in Alabama.  I mean, a lot people know my site, and that is a wonderful thing!  Geek Alabama has a very high Alexa rating!  But, my viewpoints are way different than a lot of other people here in Alabama.  For example, I support those who are homosexual.  I think the state should have a lottery and gambling.  I think the property taxes in Alabama should go up, and that horrible 1901 constitution should be re-written.  And I have other viewpoints that go against many in this state.  It almost feels like I am un-fit to live here, and I get plenty of criticism from people here.  Those conservative radio shows in Birmingham, I get talked about on there.  And with my viewpoints, it makes it easy to be attacked.  Because of the attacks, I have a very good relationship with the police here; they are almost like my second family because of the attacks I get.

And when I get critical on something, I let everyone know!  I don’t just do a written article and let people read it.  I might also do a presentation showing you the problems, like this one below about the problems in Anniston / Oxford that some have hated!

I might do a video highlighting some problems.  For example, in my first Aspie Vlogs video, I counted 61 places closed down, mostly in Oxford.  That got some angry!

And, I might highlight something that needed to be changed months ago.  For example, over the weekend I took this photo of part of a five lane road that was repaved over 90 days ago, and there are no paint lines.  This is not right and dangerous!

As you can see, I don’t operate in the “let’s take our sweet old time” mindset like many I have seen do around in Alabama.  Stuff needs to get done and fast, or ASAP.  Even if that means the dreaded “Tax” word has to be used, and you might have to pay a little more, you don’t just sit there on your hinny and let each passing day go by, you make sure things not working right are corrected, and that everyone has a chance to live a fair and successful life.  This is what I do, along with the geeky and nerdy things I talk about on Geek Alabama.  So, when a story came out last week saying Alabama has the most people with disabilities than any other state in America, I was not shocked.  You should know that I have Asperger’s Syndrome, and organizations in this state have not lifted any finger to make sure I am doing well.  And this has led me to the disability path.

If I get to my birthday on August 15th and I have not heard anything from Social Security, it will be two months, and the chances that I was denied at my hearing have better odds of happening.  When I had the hearing in mid-June, the attorney said the longer I hear back with the results, the better chances I was denied.  So my question is this, how long do I continue to wait before me and my family come up with a plan B?  I can quickly tell you what a plan B would look like, me moving somewhere else (another state), where it’s not on a hell-bent mission to cutback everything to where there is nothing left, like what is going on in Alabama right now.  Even if I was approved for disability, how long it might last, because Alabama wants to end Medicaid and make those on disability suffer even more.

So what I am saying is my 29th birthday needs to be spent working on a plan B.  There are organizations that can help those with Asperger’s, but I would have to move to Birmingham, Atlanta, Huntsville, or somewhere else.  My mom has even said she would pay my own salary for a few weeks just to have someone let me get my foot in the door, that has not worked.  Even though I have been waiting for the disability results, I continue to share my visual resume and newly created video resume online.  The visual resume almost has 16,000 views now and the video resume is catching on as well.  I mean, I am very good at the media world, but no one has offered me a chance yet to show them what I can do.  You can probably see why I can be critical and be a little depressed at the same time.

Spending time thinking about what to do if I am denied from disability is not a good way to spend my 29th birthday, but it must happen!  I mean, unless my mom wants to keep paying nearly $500 in rent and have more trips to the police because more people are leaving harassful and threatening comments online against me.  I have had many on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media sites tell me that I have to move on somewhere else, probably to a state where my viewpoints are like those of many others.  A state like Minnesota, California, or New York might have to do.  Heck, even the attorney doing the disability case said this too.  Moving to state like Kansas, who is cutting everything like in Alabama, will not work!

I would like to stay in Alabama, but it feels like the only people who want to take me on wants to do it with no pay and only pay me with name recognition.  I have applied to other places in Alabama where I know I would be a good fit, but every time I hear nothing back.  A videographer job for a website in Birmingham, nothing.  A writing job for a newspaper in Alexander City, nada!  A photographer job for a newspaper in Carrollton, Georgia, nope!  I guess others are scared of what I currently do, because I challenge the status quo and have people think about other things.  I am guessing many in Alabama don’t want their thoughts challenged?  Can you see why Alabama is almost dead last in job creation, while almost number one for corruption, education cutbacks, and people with disabilities.  I can see the connections, can you?

I do have some hope that my 29th birthday can be one of my best birthdays ever!  Every night I am out there sitting on the sidewalk in front of a public Wi-Fi source I write and schedule my articles, update social media, check stories and e-mails, and apply to more jobs.   Maybe this will be the week where I can prove my worth, get some money to buy basic things like soap and toilet paper, take the financial pressure off of my mother, and see my mood get better.  Maybe you know something, if you do contact me at:  and see my visual resume and video resume below.  I am better than those who bully me online and in person.  I need to show them that no bullying pays off!

At the end of this post, if you have read this to this point, my gut feelings tell me that something MUST happen by October, or everything I know is going to hit the fan.  The Alabama government will probably have no budget in place, meaning everything government shuts down, probably including my SNAP card, which means my mom will get to add groceries to the things she is helping me out on.  If we have not heard anything from Social Security Disability by October, it means I will probably be denied, and I don’t think we have a plan B.  And by then the $475 monthly rent might just become too much to handle.  What will happen, who knows?  I know this; I have a list of about ten different names to rename the Geek Alabama site.  Because I will most likely be not living in Alabama anymore.  I am optimistic that I can continue to live in this state, but as you see in that birthday card above, Alabama has so many bullet holes in the foot that it cannot heal.  Thank you for reading!


Protected: My Experiences With Alabama Vocational Rehabilitation

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Defending Myself Against Those On Social Media And The Corrupt Anniston Media


Most of the time I get some good comments from people on social media, but sometimes I do get those mean and bad comments from that one bad apple in the bunch.  A good example of this is what happened yesterday on Facebook.  Someone had to talk bad about me behind my back.  Heck, if this person did not highlight my name while typing this post, I would have never known about it.


Seriously, I only make videos about how I can’t find a job?  Obviously you have not seen my YouTube channel!  As for this person saying I am ignoring him, let me talk about what he has been sending me, which have all ended in dead ends.  One job he was suggesting was in Heflin, which is 14 miles from Anniston.  And without a car, how do I get there and back everyday?  And no, it would not involve me walking along a major US highway with no shoulders.

This person has also sent me the same job fair info. from one local retail store.  Well, I have been going there and I have been denied, four times now!  You don’t keep going back to the same place over and over again when you know they don’t want you!  And the latest job post was about a fast food place.  Well, out of the past 13 jobs I have done, almost half of them have involved me getting fired from fast food places.  So, I know I can’t do fast food or restaurant jobs, and going back would only mean I would be looking for my 14th, then 15th, then 16th job, and so on.

And every other job offer this person has sent me has been checked into, but nothing has happened.  This person has also said that these are “guaranteed jobs.”  Um, they have not turned into guaranteed jobs, they have turned into dead ends.  I mean, this is not the only person who somehow thinks I am lazy.  I have another person who has threatened my at the same apartment complex I live.


And I have had other bad comments left on this site from random people.  This is why all comments left on the Geek Alabama site are moderated and I have to approve them before going public.  Two examples of bad comments are:

How about getting a real job? No one’s going to just up and offer you one. Get off you’re a** and apply and talk to managers….and actually bring in a real resume not some crappy visual/video one. Life isn’t free, the rest of us work for what we have, do the same and stop asking for handouts.

Well look at your petition that will be going nowhere here in Alabama. Face it Yankee, the majority of people in Alabama could care squat about people needing mental health treatments, especially when the treatments come from the taxpayers. You need to realize something; most people down in the south are tea party supporters and wants most if not all taxes cut, even if that means the people suffer. Why not you go back up north where you came from? And keep that f***ing big government high taxes nonsense up there.

Yeah, I am a very popular person here in Alabama.  The person on social media also suggested I get help from other organizations.  Well, I have tried that with no luck!  Voc rehab in Alabama has been a joke.  And when the state has cut back all mental health programs to almost non-existent, and the legislature wants to pretty much kill off all programs for people with intellectual disabilities, where do you turn to next, disability?

And for anyone new to this site, I do have Asperger’s Syndrome / Autism.  That really makes it much harder for me to find a job, and be at a job with other people.  At my past jobs, I had people push me into the water, sabotage my station, work in an environment with broken equipment, drive for 14-16 hours and break federal law, work prepping food with no instructions, get plenty of rude comments from customers, and many more things.

Us aspies don’t really work well in environments where it’s fast-paced and or working with other people.  It’s not because I don’t want to be around other people, it’s because the other people don’t understand the social traits of people with Asperger’s, and we often get taken advantage of.  I mean, many people I first meet are very nice and understand my conditions.  It’s just those people who will do anything to get ahead in the workplace.  It’s like the game Survivor, except we are not on an island, we are in the workplace.

And us aspies don’t do well in fast paced environments.  I have broken so much equipment it shut down the business for a short time and I was fired!  For example, I broke and shut down the soda machines at one fast food joint.  So, this person on social media who claims I am not looking hard enough, let me straight this one out.  Oh I am looking, but it has to be a good fit.  Just going to another job where I will fail will result in an longer list of job failures, that will not be good.

So, what kind of job I would be good at, well what I am doing right now?  Writing!  I have helped many people and organizations get more exposure, and along with the writing, I do mean picture taking, video taking, presentation creating, and more.  My Twitter bio says this:

I’m a big Road, Weather, and News Junkie Geek/Nerd. I do it all in media: writing, photos, videos, & social media. proud!

So, when I have been looking for something in the media world here in Anniston / Oxford, let’s just say this.  The Anniston / Oxford media scene is one of the most corrupt in all of America!  You have one radio station who does not want to pay it’s employees, and they have seen over 30 people quit over the past two years.  This same radio station is breaking FCC rules by pushing their signal further and against another radio station with the same frequency.

Another radio station is breaking FCC rules by not having a business office location.  And another radio station just saw their entire DJ staff quit at the same time last week.  I talked to the main DJ who created and built this radio station.  He could not say much because of legal stuff, but let’s just say he was screwed.  Other than the bad radio stations, you have a newspaper who gets plenty of negative comments and has a skeleton staff.  This same newspaper does not like me because I am a competitor, and would rather see me leave town.

And the local TV station is a place who has seen multiple people come and go, because of lack of pay.  I even helped out at this TV station, for no pay, and only to be shown the door.  So please don’t tell me I am not looking hard enough.  The problem is I am already at an dead end because the Anniston / Oxford media scene is very corrupt.  And also because the Anniston / Oxford metro is the least performing metro area in America, the few good media outlets can not even afford to hire me or anyone else for that matter.

So this means I have had to get creative!  I first created the visual resume which has over 14,000 views!

Then I got more creative and put up my video resume / CV.

Then I created the cover letter.

Then I created the visual resume game board with 4,000 views.

Then I created the visual resume infographic.

Then I created the visual resume storyline.

Then I put up my entire job and education history.

Then I got fed up and just put up my paper resume.

And after all of this, nothing!  Some of you might be thinking I am going crazy or something, but I have had some close calls with interviews in person or via Skype.  I have been to many job fairs, and I have filled out countless applications.  And as of today, I have been rejected 1,600 jobs.  I think keeping track of this at home is something to make me think about things.

stuff 002

And for some of you who say I am lazy.  Oh, I try to get as much time with an internet connection I can get.  Even if that means I am sitting outdoors on the concrete in the early morning hours to use a public wi-fi connection.  It’s fun doing this, especially when a Summer thunderstorm comes through and you can see the cloud and ground lighting strike close to you.  And man, it makes your butt hurt, but I do it.

stuff 001

So, what happens next?  I don’t know.  But I can guarantee this, I will continue to get those nasty and bad comments from some people here on the blog or on social media.  I do have fans, and it’s too bad the local newspaper won’t even acknowledge me as a news personality.  That’s how corrupt the media is in this town.  By the way, if you know something e-mail me at:


Sunday Discussion: Mother’s Day 2015 And Nathan’s Life Updates

Geek Alabama Discussion

Today is Mother’s Day, and well, I am mostly too broke to afford anything for my mom.  I mean, when you have been unemployed for nearly four years now, and every opportunity you apply to has been rejected, what you can do?  Before I get to my mother’s day thoughts, I wanted to respond to a couple of nice folks who have taken the time to respond to me.  First, as you know, I am dealing with plenty of people who are criticizing me here in Alabama, especially on the blog comments and by e-mail.  Once in a while, I do get a nice e-mail, here is what this person said.

Hi, I just wanted to let you know how happy I am that I found your blog and how fabulous I think it is. Both as a self professed geek and a progressive, I often feel so alone. I do have a few good like minded friends and belong to a couple of progressive FB groups so all is not bleek but still, your blog was a huge bright spot in my day when i stumbled across it last week. I also wanted to say – Please don’t let the idiots get you down. We need people like you if this state is ever going to be lifted out of the 1950’s.

Ah thank you!  I mean, I sometimes write about things that makes those people who are Tea Party supporters explode!  Alabama has got to get out of this “Tea Party” and “Cut Everything” mentality if this state is going to comeback.  I mean, this state is ranked second to last in job creation, with Alaska being the worst.  And with our legislature wanting to cut things so bad that those with disabilities will be given the middle finger, and might even be forced onto the streets, the people who lead this state needs a wake up call!

And if you are new to this site, you need to know that I do have Asperger’s Syndrome and I am on the Autism Spectrum.  That sometimes makes me a target to those who thinks I am either “Faking It’ or “I Am Lazy”.  Yep, I have a fun time deleting bad e-mails and comments here on the blog.  And if you think I am faking it, I wanted to share the diagnosis by another psychologist recently, let me just quiet you down now.


So, with our state on its way to a shutdown or bankruptcy, let’s talk about another person who sent me something nice!  The YouTube channel Press Record sent me a very nice comment, and I wanted to answer it here.


So, I was born around the Akron area of Ohio.  I still have my brother and my dad’s grandparents living in and around the Akron and Hudson, Ohio areas.  As for the jobs I am looking for.  Well, I have been rejected over 1,600 times now.  What I do good the best is media work, writing, photos, videos, social media, websites, computers, etc.  I am going to embed my visual resume (over 14,000 views) and resume below.  Thanks for commenting!

I also wanted to share this letter from the YouTube channel NerdishByNature.  They sent me a letter written on a typewriter!


So, other than the hate comments and e-mails I get often, I also sometimes get some nice stuff as well!  Now, let’s talk about Mother’s Day!  It’s a special day today, and I have a mom has been going through a lot as well.  I am not the only one unemployed, my mom and half-brother are also unemployed, and that kinds of creates some hardship because I am thankful that she pays my apartment rent.  Yep, looking for jobs in the Anniston/Oxford metro, the worst performing metro area in America, is almost impossible.

We will see where things will lead me, I hope something happens soon!  So, for this Mother’s Day, I have created a handmade Mother’s Day card.  It will be very similar to the 2014 handmade Christmas card.  That card made some people not happy at me down here.

card 001

So the Mother’s Day card will feature a couple of things I have a hard time dealing with.  From the Tea Party supporters slamming me, living in a bad economic metro area, people throwing things at me on the side of the road, helping people out but they don’t pay me like they promised, almost landing a new job/career but it falls apart at the last-minute, having the Alabama Legislature wanting to pull the rug from under me, reporting bad infrastructure but nothing happens, and having my mom support what I do on Geek Alabama, I am living a very weird life right now.

stuff 1 001

The front of the card simply says “Happy Mother’s Day!”

stuff 2 001

Well, I love you mom!  I hope something happens soon so I can take the financial pressure off of you.  Happy Mother’s Day!

Geek Alabama’s 4000th Post, The State Of Me And The Blog


This is Geek Alabama’s 4000th post!  Yes, I have written 4000 posts on this site since the site was started in April 2012.  And to start things off, I wanted to highlight some of the top things I got to cover and do since my 3000th post special about one year ago.  For starters, I got to interview Kid President, how cool was that!

I also got to interview a couple of really well known people.  For example, I got to interview Tara Strong and Meghan McCarthy from My Little Pony.

I got to cover a major snow event last January that ground Alabama to a halt!

I got to cover a Salvation Army bell-ringer that was inspirational!

And yes, I even made a parody music video!

As for pictures, well I took plenty of good photos over the last year!

stuff 083stuff 201christmas 263noble 174stuff 170halloween 229


And, I also got into the presentation game on SlideShare.  Some of my presentations, like the two below, have gone viral, I am very good at this stuff!

So, on the Geek Alabama website, things were good between the 3,000th and 4,000th post.  But, everything else has not changed.  I continue to be rejected from every job application I fill out or job I apply online.  I have held numerous phone calls, Skype chats, Google Hangouts, in person talks, and nothing has happened like usual.  I have gotten used to this, since people around here like to discriminate on those who are different.  And what the heck, since I continue to not be responded to most of the e-mails and applications I send, I have crossed my 1,400th job rejection, yea!  (slow clap)


I also continue to have to defend myself, and others who are different across Alabama.  From those who are disabled, homosexual, believes in gun control, or believes in anything else that does not line up with the values many in Alabama holds, I love it when people continues to bash me online, or in person.  When I made this sign telling the world that I am autistic, and what to make a difference, it made some people around here not too happy, good for me!

Nathan Autism

Look, I know some of you are not going to like what I am about to say, but you might have guessed it if you know me really well.  As of right now, you can say I am more negative than positive.  Guess that what’s happens when you are taken advantage of at employers, or people say bad things about you online, or people ignore me and does not want to work with me, or when people do deliberate things like try to run me over on the side of the road, or even call the cops on me.  When you have multiple bad things happen to you, with hardly any good things happening, you are going to be more negative.  And this would happen to any person who experiences a lot of bad things happening.  It’s a part of human nature.

I have had several people I know say things to me like “think positive and dream big.”  And I do love talking about good things happening across Alabama and the southeast!  But when you continually have bad things happen to you over and over again, and even have your freedom threatened because some people would love to see me behind bars and off the streets, what can you do?  Sing Kumbaya My Lord and hope something changes, like that is ever going to happen.  Or do you continue to talk about things that are going wrong inside the community, like I do often!

When refused to place Geek Alabama on the Alabama bloggers list, even after contacting them over and over again, I continued to march on.


When (my blog provider) has refused to place one of my great articles on their “freshly pressed” section, I continue to march on.


When the local TV station I was helping out for free wanting me gone, and I left, I marched on.


When people see me out sitting out at the laundrymat, so I can work on the internet, I march on.


When Anniston/Oxford was listed by Moody’s as still being in a deep recession, I march on.


When Social Security denied me for disability, and the chances to get on disability or slim to none, I march on.


When some people, even at the same apartment complex, threaten me online, I continue to march on.


When the trolley system does not follow their routes often, and I have to walk back home for over three miles, I continue to march on.


And when some people have had enough, and threaten me because I love animals, I continue to march on.

Nathan With Animals

Look, I still have plenty of people around the state and the country who supports what I do!  I just do not like continuing to put pressure on those who still has to support me.  Like my mom, who still has to pay my apartment rent.  For the ones who knows me the most, they know that I am a caring person who works tirelessly to get the job done!  I make sure others have the chance to succeed, and make sure small businesses, other bloggers, and other good people get exposure, this is what I like to do!  Even if others do anything possible so I crash into the ground, I will continue to do what I do on Geek Alabama!

To those of you who do not like me, who are several of you, especially here in East Alabama.  Keep calling the cops on me, but they will just ignore you.  I have had the cops come to check on me several times now because someone called them only because I was walking on the side of the road.  The cops have gotten tired of it, and after talking to a few of them, they know there are people out there who are wanting to “get back at me.”  Also, continue to leave hateful and discriminatory messages on my social media feeds, e-mails, or blog comments.  I even had one lady here lives at the same apartment complex as I do leave a tasteful comment on my site.


To those of you who ignore my e-mails, comments, or my thoughts online. know that I am very influential online, and when I want to talk to you about that job opportunity, or partnership, or review opportunity, know that I am going to say what I see, the good or the bad.  And for those of you who likes to do things corrupt or wrong, know this.  If I see something that is not right, I am going to talk about.  No matter how small or big the bad things are.  Corruption and things going wrong are not right!  So, when I see problems like the economic problems in East Alabama, I am going to talk about it.  And by the way, every other blog and media site has also talked about it!

Like I say, I love it when people continues to call the cops on me or continues to discriminate against me, because of my disability or what I say online.  Sometimes, all you can do is smile and laugh.  Laugh because no matter what you do to make things better, something always comes around to make things worse.  For example, when I made my hand drawn Christmas card for 2014, it made many people not too happy at me.  Look, I am a realistic person.  And with the way things are going in Alabama, I was very realistic in my Christmas card.

card 001

When I talked to several people in the area, and they ask me what I want.  I tell them two things.  One, a job where I will not be taken advantage of and screwed over, like my last job was.  And two, for people to respect me and others who are different!  Since I have a light mental disorder, believe in the rights for same-sex couples, believe in the rights of the less fortunate and animals, and believe Alabama’s tax code should change so the rich pay more, many people in the state views me as someone who should be cast in the shadows, and should have the cops called on me because I am doing nothing.  I mean, simply walking down the road warrants the cops to be called, only in Anniston.


I guess where I am going is this.  You people can not force me to change my views to those most people in Alabama holds, or what some people call “Alabama Values.”  Even it means I keep being rejected from every job opportunity, volunteer opportunity, review opportunity, and continue to have some people who leave not so nice comments about me online.  I will continue what I do on this website, even if that means I go hungry after Alabama takes away my ability to get groceries, even if that means I stay in pain because my teeth hurt, and there is no appointments to get my teeth checked.  And even if that means I will soon be homeless and living in an abandoned building.  I hope it does not get to that point.

I will leave you with this video I made, but never featured it on Geek Alabama until now.  I made this simple video where I held flash cards and revealed one card at a time.  The video is called I Have Asperger’s Syndrome, I Just Want Someone To Give Me A Chance.  And it’s simple, I just want someone to give me a chance.  Maybe I will have better things to talk about when I get to my 5,000th post?

And, for the upteenth time, if you know of something, e-mail me at  Here is my visual resume.