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The Very Annoying Neighbor’s Music Which Will Soon Result In Calling The Police

So this is a post I need to write now, because it’s going to either end with action being taken, or the local police being called and letting them deal with it, […]

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Here Is A Video Tour Of My Christmas Decorations

  On this video, I show you the Christmas lights and decorations that are currently on and hanging in my apartment.  It’s not much, but it looks very pretty and I love […]

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An Open Letter To The Person Who Left A Cruel Note To The Amputee Parking In The Handicap Spot

Man, what is this world coming to?  I mean, some people have to even criticize people who are disabled parking in a handicap spot?  I mean, handicaps have enough trouble from normal […]

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Sunday Discussion: Reflections On Nathan Young’s 28th Birthday

This is the 3,367th post on Geek Alabama, and I have put a lot of pride in every Geek Alabama post I have written.  I have written thousands of posts, taken thousands […]

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The Problem With Stray Dogs In Anniston Alabama

I want to bring attention to you a problem in Anniston and the Golden Springs neighborhood.  You see, there are stray dogs roaming around in the area.  In the area where I […]

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Nathan Young’s Special, Worrying, Video / Plus An Update on Things

Quick Update: I am already getting requests to cover stories and events from people.  Sorry to say this, Until further notice, I will no longer cover any stories or events for Geek Alabama.  Not […]

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The Signs of Spring 2013

Many people have come to enjoy my pictures from Spring 2012.  You can catch the post here: http://geekalabama.com/2012/03/23/the-signs-of-spring-2012/ I have taken some great pictures of flowers around the apartment complex I live at […]

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