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The Southern Geek – Vlog Episode 4


On the fourth episode of The Southern Geek, I talk about why geeks and nerds cope with trouble and grief.  You know, when something happens like a job loss, diagnosis of a disease or disability, family member or friend passing away or ill, car trouble, and so on.  So how do geeks and nerds deal with grief, depression, or what I call down time?  Sadly, no amount of games, cartoons, comic books, computers, or other geeky or nerdy activities will help.  It takes a long time to heal and to come back.

So, why I am in this state of what I call down time.  For starters, I am still looking for my 14th job in 7 1/2 years.  On the Geek Alabama blog, I have had to turn down several advertising deals, product review deals where I get paid, requests to cover events, and much more since the blog is hosted off of does not allow paid or sponsored posts or advertising other than their own.  If you think things can’t get any worse, well they have.  My car is currently sitting at the Winn-Dixie parking lot broken down.


That means every day I take a 45 minute walk from where I live along 4-lane Greenbrier Dear Rd. to check my car and to make sure it’s still there.  Yes, I walk in the 90 degree heat to make sure my car is still in the parking lot and not towed away by the police.  The problem is the ignition starter is dead.  When I turn the key to start the car, it will not crank. The battery still works but since the ignition starter is dead.  The car will not steer.  That means the only way the car leaves the parking lot is via tow truck.  How much it will cost you ask?  After the tow truck ride, ignition starter replacement, and steering wheel work, it could run at around $500-$1000.

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Simply, this is going to be another cost to be passed on to the family because no one wants to hire me.  My family is paying for my rent and other bills and I wish I was paying for that myself.  I have talked to many leaders in the Anniston area and all cross Alabama and the southeast and nothing has happened.  I have tried getting some money through grants and the Calhoun County Chamber’s Advantage Capital Enterprise System program but nothing has happened.  Me and my family are kind of getting tired of me being shunned by powerful people in the community.  Here’s video of me speaking to those powerful people at a Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce function.

To get around the fact of being ignored by people, I am doing a Indiegogo fundraising campaign to get the $15,000-$20,000 I need to grow the blog.  This money is going to purchase a new computer, new camera equipment, pay someone to design the new website, pay someone to move everything to the new website, and yes, pay to fix the car.  If I don’t get the money I need through the Indiegogo campaign or through another source, on July 11th Geek Alabama closes down and EVERYTHING IS DELETED!  Yes, all pictures, videos, and posts will be deleted forever.  I hope I don’t get to that point.

I am doing this post and video to pretty much sum it up.  Someone out there who knows me knows of something that can help me but so far they have done nothing.  I hope I don’t have to sit here and wonder what to do in Mid-July because I don’t get the help and support I need.  This post and video is being sent to a lot of people I have interacted with.  I do keep up with those people!  Guessing since no one wants to hire me, I guess the Geek Alabama blog is where I am going to earn my money.  Since I am still in a down state right now, at times I will walk down to the nearby traffic light intersection and watch the traffic go by and watch the traffic lights go through their sequences.  I find that as my peaceful and stress reliever time as long as passing cars don’t honk their horns at me.

Since I have Asperger’s Syndrome / Autism, I do Geek Alabama because us Aspies are not evil people who can’t function in society.  Sadly some people believes this.  I say I do an awesome job writing posts and covering events with photos and videos!  I think I do a better job covering events than the newspapers, who don’t like me.  I want to grow the Geek Alabama blog to the next level but I need that kickstart!  My ultimate goal is to hold a Geek Alabama launch party at a restaurant in the Anniston/Oxford area in late July.  That will happen if I get the money I need.  Otherwise, the blog disappears for good and all events after mid-July will not be covered!

Please support the Indiegogo campaign by going to:

If you know of something that can help me, e-mail me at

By the way, I have still not heard anything from Geek and Sundry yet.  They are the ones starting the Geek and Sundry Vlog network and are wanting 10 more vloggers to be a part of the network.  This is the reason why I started to make these vlog videos.  So I hope I hear something from them soon!  I would like to continue to do The Southern Geek vlog videos!


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  1. So sorry to hear about your plight. I hope things will work out for you, and you’ll receive the funding you need. Hang in there!