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The Beginning of the End For Newspapers


I hate to say this, but the downfall of newspapers in Alabama is only going to get worse in the next few years.  Starting today, the Tuscaloosa News and the Gadsden Times began to charge people to get access to online content each month.  The Gadsden Times charges around $10 a month and the Tuscaloosa News charges around $13 a month for online content.  When these changes were announced, many people hated it!  And I believe the newspapers are going to make less money from subscribers and advertisers because of this move.

I would not be surprised one bit if newspapers started going under in the next few years.  For one, many people in Alabama don’t like the newspapers because they are left-leaning.  Many people in Alabama are right-leaning believers and they will not read anything that promotes the left.  So if the newspapers wanted to make more money.  Why don’t they stop talking about the Democrats and President Obama?  Another fact, why don’t the newspapers start covering some more interesting topics?  The newspapers do a good job covering local news, sports, and events.  But when I go out to cover events I always get the evil look from the editors of the newspapers because I take away their readership.

The photographers at the Anniston Star and Gadsden Times know me and I am friends on social media with them.  I know they would do anything to help me if they could.  The heads of the Anniston Star, Gadsden Times, and other newspapers sadly don’t like what I do.  Mostly because I lower their readership online which results in lower ad revenues.  Don’t you love it!  I believe many people would not care to see the newspapers go under for good.  Now the radio and TV stations love what I do and I have even been featured on them!

Geek Alabama rarely talks about anything in the world of politics.  Most of the time, if politics is talked about it’s because it will affect something in the geek world like the internet.  Geek Alabama talks about good news stories and things you need to be aware of like events, charities, TV shows and movies, games, sports, music, businesses, special people, or anything in the geek or nerd world.  Geek Alabama averages around 500-700 readers a day and it keeps on growing!  I have some plans to expand Geek Alabama with new writers, more videos, more pictures, more stories, more event coverage, basically you are going to like what is going to come on Geek Alabama!

I want to turn Geek Alabama into an online blog / magazine where people across Alabama, Georgia, the Southeast, and the country turn too each day for pictures, videos, interviews, interesting topics, recipes, reviews of products and businesses, geek and nerd talk, and more!  There is a market for stuff like this in Alabama and the Southeast and I think we will succeed!  If the newspapers go under, I really will not miss them!  TV, radio, and blogs is where people are watching, listening, and reading for their information daily!  If the newspapers don’t change their coverage soon, they will go under!   No doubt about it!


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