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Making The Most Out Of Your Marketing Budget

You definitely have come to the right post if you are struggling to make the most out of your marketing budget or have no idea where to start your marketing strategy. While […]

Why I Support The Adblockers Doing Acceptable Ads

Many of the geeks and nerds out there are very smart!  And when they go online, they probably have an adblocker activated on their web browser.  And why not do this, because […]

Why I Use Ad Blocking Software, And Why You Should Too

A show of hands.  How many of you use a adblocker when you go online?  I bet most of you just raised your hand.  Adblockers like AdBlock Plus and adblock have seen […]

Sunday Discussion: John Oliver’s Native Advertising Video

On this Sunday Discussion, I am pointing you to the YouTube channel Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.  In this video below, John Oliver nails the talk about Native Advertising.  Native Advertising is where […]

AdBlock Wants To Buy Ads to Block Internet Ads

Admit it, how many of you uses ad blocking software on your computer.  I do, it makes my internet viewing experience much easier!  While using Google Chrome, I use AdBlock to block […]

The Beginning of the End For Newspapers

I hate to say this, but the downfall of newspapers in Alabama is only going to get worse in the next few years.  Starting today, the Tuscaloosa News and the Gadsden Times […]

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