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Alabamians On Reality Shows: Spring 2013 Edition


Time for another edition of Alabamians on Reality Shows!  For the Spring TV season, I have found several Alabamians who will be or are appearing on national TV!  Let’s get started!

The Voice – Shawna P


Shawna P regularly performs down at the Flora-Bama in Orange Beach.  She used to live in Nashville but decided to come back to Alabama and has sung along the Gulf Coast ever since.  Shawna P auditioned for The Voice this season and her audition will either appear Monday or Tuesday night at 7 central on NBC.  Here is video of her performance of Mother Mary Moonshine.

Learn more about Shawna P from this article at:

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American Bible Challenge – Team Hello Kidney


Season 2 of The American Bible Challenge with host Jeff Foxworthy and musical co-host  Kirk Franklin is underway on GSN.  A local team from Gadsden will appear on this show on May 2nd.  Team Hello Kidney who consists of Kelley Zeringue (Renee Andrews), J.R. Zeringue, and Rene Zeringue, will be quizzed on the good book against two other teams.  Learn more about American Bible Challenge at:

Learn more about the family at: and on Facebook at: and on Twitter @ReneeAndrews

Splash – Katherine Webb


Is anyone surprised that Katherine Webb is on a reality show after the Alabama championship?  Ms. Webb is competing on the ABC show Splash.  This show features celebrities who dive from platforms and then gets scored by the judges and the audience.  So far, Katherine Webb is doing very well and even scored a 10 last week!  So she has a great shot of winning Splash!  Watch Splash every Tuesday at 7 central on ABC.  Learn more about Splash at:

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The Amazing Race – Anthony Battaglia / Chuck and Wynona McCall

bates_anthony chuck_wynona

I want to wrap this post to remind you that Anthony Battagila and Chuck and Wynona McCall are still in The Amazing Race!  Watch their latest moves on Sundays at 7 central on CBS.  Learn more about these contestants at:

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