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Roadscapes Wednesday: Quintard Dr. Reconstruction / Greenbrier Speed Limits

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Last weekend I went to look at the construction along Quintard Dr. / AL-21 in Oxford.  This  part of the road in front of Wal-Mart has been dangerous for a long time now.  Here’s a former picture from Google Maps.


Construction is taking place to make these intersections a lot safer!  When finished, only left turns off of Quintard Dr. will be allowed.  While construction is taking place, the median crossovers between the two traffic lights are closed off.  Since all traffic has turn at the traffic lights, this is causing big traffic backups!

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One thing I found funny was at the Wal-Mart traffic light.  There are two left turn lanes but many cars choose the far left turn lane.  This causes traffic to back up onto the left lane of AL-21.  If you are going to Chick-fil-A or the gas station, why not cut through the Wal-Mart parking lot?

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I wish people would use the left turn lanes properly instead of making a dangerous U-Turn at the Wal-Mart traffic light.  Cars are making U-Turns while cars are turning right from the Wal-Mart parking lot.  It won’t take long for an accident to happen!

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I also wanted to talk about Greenbrier Dear Road.  I thought the speed limits were going down to 35 between Hillyer Robinson Parkway and Quintard Ave.  But nope, the speed limits are 35 from Golden Springs Road all the way to Quintard Ave.

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Since I live along this stretch of road, I have noticed NO ONE following the new speed limits.  All the cars are going 45-50 including me!  I am afraid this is setting up to be a speed trap for the city to make some money.  I guess I will be getting the media involved in this as well.

By the way, the Sunday Discussion post talking about the major traffic problems along Leon Smith Parkway was viewed by many people.  Read that post below!

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