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Roadscapes Wednesday: Old Boiling Springs Road Bridge

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When the brand new Publix opened up, I got the chance to walk down Old Boiling Springs Road behind the store to take some pictures of the Old Boiling Springs Road bridge.  Before Leon Smith Parkway was built, all traffic had to go across this bridge.  This Pratt through truss bridge was built in 1930.  And was closed down in the 1990’s when the bypass was opened.  This old one-lane wooden bridge crosses Choccolocco Creek.  And yes it has seen better days!

Can you believe this bridge could also be haunted?  According to urban legend, if you walk on this bridge late into the night, and stop in the center, look over your shoulder and you will see the fiery Gates of Hell at the other end.  Another urban legend says that if you drive onto the bridge, turn off the lights, put the car in park, that one of the couple will enter your vehicle leaving a wet spot on the seat.

Enjoy the pictures from this very old bridge!  I don’t think this bridge will be around much longer.

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