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Roadscapes Wednesday: My Mom Is Now On Google Maps Street View

Google Street View has mapped so many roads across our planet.  I love going onto Street View when I’m bored and just randomly go to a place and look at their roads.  […]

See Alabama Spin On Google Maps Where’s Waldo Game For April Fools Week

UPDATE: This post is written by Cameron Balentine from Bham Now.  Learn more at: https://bhamnow.com/ Beginning yesterday, in honor of April Fools day and continuing on for the next week, maybe longer, Google is bringing […]

Here Is How To Cheat Your Way Through The Where’s Waldo Game On Google Maps

So Google Maps has done another interesting April Fools Day stunt.  For this year, when you go to Google Maps, you have the option to play Where’s Waldo?  Yep, the classic game […]

Play A Game Of Pac-Man On Google Maps Now

Looking for something to waste your time?  You are in luck, because for April Fools Day, Google Maps have done something impressive!  They now include an option to play a game of […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: US 431 Alabama One Of The World’s Most Dangerous Roads

Sadly, Anniston and Gadsden can not stay out of the bad news cycle.  I have got something new to add to the bad news East Alabama experience, and this time it involves […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: New Jacksonville School In A Bad Location

Imagine a town that pledges their allegiance to that big box store called Wal-Mart.  Imagine that town putting all of their schools, police departments, fire departments, city departments, and possibly even their […]

See the Inside of the TARDIS, Thanks to Google Maps

This post is going out to all the Doctor Who fans out there!  One of the main staples of Doctor Who is the TARDIS, or Time and Relative Dimension in Space.  The TARDIS […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: Quintard Dr. Reconstruction / Greenbrier Speed Limits

Last weekend I went to look at the construction along Quintard Dr. / AL-21 in Oxford.  This  part of the road in front of Wal-Mart has been dangerous for a long time now. […]

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