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Geek Alabama’s 4000th Post, The State Of Me And The Blog

This is Geek Alabama’s 4000th post!  Yes, I have written 4000 posts on this site since the site was started in April 2012.  And to start things off, I wanted to highlight […]

Explore The Dark Side Of Instagram With No Likes Yet

Are you on Instagram?  Are you frustrated that your picture has no likes.  Don’t feel bad, many pictures on Instagram will never get any likes.  Like one of my many Instagram photos, […]

Geek Alabama’s 3000th Post, Thanks For Being A Fan

UPDATE:  Thanks for reading this post!  The reason I had to write this post is simple, I can not keep working for free from people here in East Alabama.  And lately, the […]

Introducing Alabama Alive!

Over the past few weeks, I have been building another awesome website that you should check out!  Alabama Alive! is a project started by Dianna Michaels, and the site is all ready […]

Geek Alabama’s Future Plans

I have kept this under wraps for a while now but the time has come to announce the future plans for Geek Alabama, and with some help, Geek Alabama is going to […]

My Ideas and Changes For TV 24

After talking with several people here in Alabama.  I felt like it was time to write this post.  For the last three high school football seasons, I have volunteered my time for […]

Animation Monday: Monsters University

When you watch any college sports on ESPN, you will see a promotional commercial from both schools playing in the game you are watching.  So when I saw this commercial during the BCS championship game, […]

2012 Year In Review: Geek Alabama’s Top Posts

  2012 was a great year for Geek Alabama!  Over 140,000 people logged on to Geek Alabama and here is an interesting statistic.  20,005 entries were submitted to the 2012 National Geographic Photo […]

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