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Well today I went to Birmingham to the Alabama Theatre for the Alabama Social Media Association Luncheon with guest speaker James Spann from ABC 33/40.

The Alabama Theatre is a piece of Alabama history.  Once inside the Hill Event Center the room got very packed.  And after a great lunch we saw James Spann give a great speech.

ABC 33/40 Marissa Mitchell interviewing Wade Kwon
My lunch.
ABC 33/40 Marissa Mitchell interviewing Scott McClellan.

James Spann took the podium and gave one great speech.  He gave some advice for people like me who use social media.  Tips like putting out too much spam; putting out bad information; and putting out teases can make people unfollow you on social media.  And there are great ways to use social media to gain new followers.  Doing things like following people back; answering questions; be consistently available; putting out useful information; and even having a servant’s heart can help you gain new followers.

James Spann said some personal things about the April 27th tornado outbreak.  He kept quiet for a long time about his personal feelings after the tornado outbreak because it was hard.  Mr. Spann used to live in Tuscaloosa and when the EF4 tornado went through Tuscaloosa he fought it was the worst part of his entire career watching the tornado live on TV plow through Tuscaloosa.

James Spann was not happy that 252 people were killed on April 27th.  The warnings were great and there was plenty of lead time.  Mr. Spann cried a lot in bed after the tornado outbreak.  But then he helped to take action to help people recover.  Social media was used by many people to coordinate supplies and volunteers to help people in the tornado damaged areas.

After the recent tornado outbreak in late January.  James Spann talked about Diane Sawyer saying there was no warning and people were surprised.  That story generated lots of traffic on social media.  He was satisfied that ABC World News did a story the next night about tornado safety; but it still had some mistakes.  And Mr. Spann was not happy that the national media was only covering the big city tornado damage and not the rural area tornado damage after April 27th.  He gave everyone one last piece of advice.  To write down your top priorities and follow them in life.  And he also told everyone he is helping to form Big Brains Media later this year.  More of that will come in the near term.

So it was a great midday event in Birmingham.  And everyone had a good time.  Thanks to the Alabama Social Media Association and the Alabama Theatre for putting on the event.  And I was also approached along with James Spann and Scott McClellan with Alabama Storm Spotters from people at UAB that are making a documentary about storm chasers and social media.  More of that coming soon.  Could you tell James Spann liked signing the papers?

And who would like to wear this hat?

Now back to my regular job searching activities.  And if there is no severe weather on Thursday.  James Spann and the other meteorologists from ABC 33/40 will be at Pleasant Valley High School near Jacksonville for the ABC 33/40 Storm Alert Xtreme tour on Thursday at 6:30pm.  If the event goes as planned you will see pictures of the event here on Young’s Blog on Friday.

UPDATE:  The Storm Alert Xtreme meeting at Pleasant Valley High School has been moved to Monday March 5th.

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  • February 20, 2012 at 6:35 pm

    Nathan, thank you for this great recap! And for coming to our ALsocme event.

    If people want to learn more about the Alabama Social Media Association, they can visit us at

    • February 20, 2012 at 6:57 pm

      Post updated with at top. It was a good event and I am glad I came.


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