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Aimee Copeland Benefit Ride & Concert


Even though I did a high school football game on Friday night.  When I heard of this event happening in Geek Alabama territory (NE Alabama/NW Georgia) I had to cover this!  I went to cover the Aimee Copeland Benefit Ride & Concert.  Many people, vendors, and motorcyclists came out for a wonderful day!  It didn’t matter that I was running on four hours of sleep because this was an awesome event to cover!  By the way; if you want to see the football picks click on the link below.


On Saturday a wonderful event happened at The Amp Amphitheater in Villa Rica, GA.  Hundreds of motorcycle riders rode throughout the West Georgia countryside to raise money for Aimee Copeland.  Plenty of vendors donated money from their sales to help out Aimee.  And many people turned out to hear great music and to meet Aimee Copeland.

As you know; Aimee Copeland contracted necrotizing fasciitis while riding a homemade zip-line earlier this year.  She has had both hands, her left leg and her right foot amputated to save her life.  And after the hospitalization and rehab you can tell she had lots of spirit and was loving life.  Copeland said to the crowd “It’s great to see so many familiar faces here.  This is my first trip back to West Georgia and I’m just thrilled to be here. I have a lot of friends here and I’m sure there will be many more trips back.”

These first two videos are special.  The first video is the entire Aimee Copeland introduction event.  Well-wishers included Villa Rica Mayor Jay Collins, Villa Rica Assistant City Manager Jeff Reese, Event Organizer Ronnie Capes, Ashley Warner (recovering from necrotizing fasciitis), Cade Keller, and others!  The second video shows Cade Keller who is a 12-year-old from Carrollton, Ga who to date has raised over $1,000 selling wrist bands he had specially made for Aimee Copeland.  The wristbands have “Aimee” and “Blessed to be Different” etched on them.  The video is of Cade giving Aimee a necklace he had made that says “Blessed to be Different” and some of the wrist bands to give to Aimee’s family.

This other video is the motorcycle ride start and ending.  Plus the bands Americana Express (Aimee Copeland’s favorite band) and The Beatles tribute band The Return.

Below are the pictures I took from this event.  Even though I am going through a tough time searching for my 14th job in seven years and being unemployed for 14 months.  You have to admire the spirit and courage of this lady!  Aimee Copeland still has a long road to recovery and let’s hope she can live life to the fullest!  No disability will stop her from living a great life!

Keep update with the latest updates from Aimee Copeland and for ways to help at: http://aimeecopeland.com/.

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