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Roadscapes Wednesday: Munford Alabama Traffic Light

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The intersection of AL-21 and Cedars Road is a very important intersection in Munford, AL.  At this intersection is the Munford post office and the Munford Elementary and High Schools.  So this intersection sees a lot of traffic every day.  This intersection only had a caution light before someone got killed.  Then the community got together to push ALDOT in installing a traffic light.  event 267

The traffic light is only operational during school hours.  At all other times, the light is on blinking mode.  I wonder why the light is set up like this.  Because I will sit at the post office and watch cars almost crashing in too each other because the busy AL-21 traffic is too heavy to cross at times.  There are no sensors installed at this light to control the light.  So that means the light is on a timer mode when its operational.  event 259

I also noticed there are no white lines or limit lines on AL-21 like you see at other traffic lights.  I kind of think this is a little dangerous don’t you think?

event 285

I believe this traffic light needs to be operational 24/7.  During the times of sporting events at the high school such as a high school football game.  Traffic often pulls out of other cars almost causing accidents.  The sad thing is during a high school football game, the traffic light is on blinking mode.

event 271

This traffic light needs to have sensors installed and the light needs to be operational 24/7. How long will it be before someone gets killed at this intersection because the traffic light was on blinking mode?  I don’t know if this is a ALDOT issue or a City of Munford issue.  But this needs to be done!  Enjoy a video of this intersection!

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