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Business Review: Crow’s Barber Shop

On Monday I was really needing a haircut bad!  My head was getting close to looking like Bigfoot in the city.

So I found this local barber shop in downtown Gadsden called Crow’s Barber Shop.  It’s a very small barber shop run by Edward Crow with a lot of antique things inside.  The cabinets, barber chairs, and  many other things inside were antique.  If you were not looking closely you would miss this place!

After a little bit it was my turn to get a haircut.  While getting a haircut you can look at the mirror the entire time.  And yes all haircuts are still $8 since 2007!  Just look at me; you knew it was time!

    The inside almost looks like a setting inside a museum.  There are many old newspaper articles and papers hanging on the walls and the chairs you sit on while getting a haircut are very antique and comfortable to sit on.  (yes I blocked out the face of another person)

    My haircut was very good!  The barber uses a electric razor with a vacuum attachment to cut a lot of the hair off.  He uses hot shaving cream and a straight razor to shave around the head.  And yes he still uses scissors at times.  I thought he gave me a very good haircut and I was satisfied.

             I recommend going to Crow’s Barber Shop but be warned.  The times he is there varies from day-to-day.  One day he could be there from early morning to early afternoon.  And on the next day he could be there from early afternoon to early evening.  Crow’s Barber Shop is located at 115 N 3rd St # A in Gadsden.  You can contact them by calling 256-547-9154.

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