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Business Review: Magic Burger In Attalla

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Magic Burger is an iconic restaurant destination in northeast Alabama.  Magic Burger first opened way back in 1951.  The restaurant is a walk-up type of place where someone takes your order through a window, then you receive your order freshly prepared after a few minutes.  Magic Burger closed down in July 2012 after 61 years of service due to the strains of being devoted to the restaurant business.  It was hard for the family to commute from Tennessee to keep up Magic Burger.

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Luckily, Magic Burger was sold to April Howard and the restaurant was re-opened in early April 2013.  Magic Burger still offers the same items many people love.  They hand-make their homemade onion rings throughout the day.  And Magic Burger is known for their grape ice cream!  So when I went up to Gadsden this week, I visited Magic Burger!

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Magic Burger still runs out of the same building that was built in the 1950’s!  I ordered a twin burger basket with two onion rings and fries.  I also got some grape ice cream!  I first tried the homemade onion rings.  The batter was coated very well and the onion rings tasted very good!  I can see why so many people love their onion rings!

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Then I tried the burgers, sure, I could have gotten some cheese and their magic sauce.  But these burgers were very good!  The burger had ketchup, mustard, onion, and pickles, on a bun.

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Then I tried the grape ice cream.  This is Magic Burger’s most claimed to fame item and after trying it I can see why.  The ice cream really did taste like you were drinking a grape soda or eating grapes.  And the ice cream was so thick I had to get a spoon!  The thickness of a shake was no problem, the grape ice cream was good!

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Overall, the employees were very nice and my wait-time was short!  There was a steady stream of customers during the time I was at Magic Burger.  If the food stays this good, Magic Burger will be around for a very long time to come!

Magic Burger is at 915 Cleveland Ave. in Attalla Alabama.  They are conveniently off I-59 at exit 183.  You can call them at 256-538-7350.  Visit their Facebook page at:

Here is their menu if you are interested.

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