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Taking It to the Small Guy

I found this story to be a little bit crazy but I am going to talk about it.  A bakery from Northport Alabama called Mary’s Cakes & Pastries received a cease-and-desist letter to stop selling pastries and cakes that has the UA logo, script A, Roll Tide, Bama or any other “mark” of the University.  The letter came from Collegiate Licensing Company.  The University of Alabama has a contract with Collegiate Licensing Company and their job is to go after people who use the university’s image without permission.  So why are they going after a small business owner who has done business with people from the university including this replica of the BCS trophy done in cake.

From The Tuscaloosa News.

Why are selling cookies with the script A not allowed?  Is the first letter of the alphabet and the letter used in The Scarlet Letter trademarked for life?  I understand that there are people out there who are trying to make a quick buck copying merchandise from the university and they need to be stopped.  But this is going over the top.  Seriously; you have to go after someone selling cookies with the first letter of the alphabet.

From Mary’s Cakes & Pastries Facebook page.

This is one of the many problems in this country right now and if you have read this blog before you knew I was going there.  I have no problem going after these folks who counterfeit the merchandise from any company or university.  That is wrong and they should be sued.  But when you see stories like this where they go after the little guy for no real reason this will stir up some feathers.  This story reminds me of the Soup Nazi episode from Seinfeld.  I think the Soup Nazi would be the university and the people ordering the soup is the bakery.

The university has now come out and apologized and they are now going to work out this issue.  I am sure the bakery at Mary’s Cakes & Pastries is going to see an increase in business from many people who see this as a crazy issue.  This is another issue of the rich and powerful taking it to the little guy and I wish it would stop!  Visit Mary’s Cakes & Pastries Facebook page at

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