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Sunday Discussion: Comparisons to Mr. Bean

So it’s been one week since I have posted the Dr. Phil: I Need a Life Do-Over post.  If you have not read it yet click on the link. http://geekalabama.com/2012/07/02/dr-phil-i-need-a-real-life-do-over/  I have had great support from many people on Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail which is great.  But I felt like I needed to go into more detail on my employment history.  I am still looking for my 14th job in 6 1/2 years and have been to many job fairs and several interviews with no luck.  In fact I am going to post my resume here for all of you to read.

All of my past jobs have either been temp jobs or I have met the chopping block.  Some of the mistakes that have landed me in the unemployment line includes dropping lots of food; damaging equipment including a soda machine at a McDonald’s; breaking plates and glasses; dropping numerous gas caps into the lake; poking holes through expensive boat seats; damaging clothes and uniforms; breaking hotel windows; misplacing cash from several cash registers; breaking the fryers from a Popeye’s restaurant; breaking the security camera system from a Popeye’s Restaurant; sending out uncooked or overcooked food from a Applebee’s Restaurant; prepping food at a Applebee’s the wrong way; making guests at a hotel very angry and getting talked about on Tripadvisor in a negative light; dropping food onto a guest at a restaurant; getting numerous painted parts off an assembly line scratched and dinged up; breaking a machine at a factory; sideswiping tractor-trailers; running off the interstate and into the median; dropping numerous fragile packages; speeding on roadways to get to stops; creating messes in people’s yards; and other embarrassing things.  I have been quoted by several co-workers in the past as being the twin or clone to Mr. Bean.

Mr. Bean was a British TV show written by and starring Rowan Atkinson.  Mr. Bean was described as “a child in a grown man’s body.”  And he solved everyday tasks by causing great disruption by breaking things and really messing things up.  Simple tasks like painting, taking an exam, going to the dentist, and even driving was done in a very weird and funny way.  The way I mess things up you can see why I am sometimes compared to Mr. Bean.

Mr. Bean really tried to fit in with society but he could not help it when he caused things to go wrong.  That is what my situation is like right now.  I really want to be a great person in society and earn a great living.  But I can not help making these mistakes that costs companies money and makes me a huge liability.  That is the biggest reason why I am sitting at home and panicking.  I have proven numerous times that I can not do a fast-paced job as I will screw things up.  And many jobs are the fast-paced type which I will fail at big time.  I want to work and live a happy life but no one wants to give me that chance.  So I hope someone will hire me soon.  Mr. Bean did not have to worry about income as it was a TV show.

I just hope I am working again soon.  I’m okay in being compared with Mr. Bean but I want to have a good life as well.

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  1. Simple task like painting, daily check up, driving a car was done in a very weird and funny way and make it very difficult. Facts About Mr Bean, firstly he was very possessive about his things, and always wear white and blue bathing suit in front of blinds.

  2. Thanks for the comment! He was a interesting TV character and yes I am somewhat a little possessive about my things as well. But I have never had worn a white and blue bathing suit.