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How To Turn Your Tech Skills Into A Business

We all know that tech skills are in demand, but how should you go about turning those skills into your own business? If you’re looking to break out on your own, work […]

Fun Fresh Ideas To Perk Up Your Business

When you start a new business, there are a few fundamental items that you can buy to improve its functionality and its efficiency. Even if you are just starting up in business, […]

Top Tech To Help Businesses In 2020

It’s fair to say that, in business, it’s technology that’s driven most of the change over the course of the past half-century. From the invention of the first computers to the advent […]

Taking Your Business Forward With A Few Simple Steps

As a business owner, you can be guilty of not implementing the much-needed changes your business may need to grow. While you may think your business sees it’s fair share of success, […]

These Are Eight Tips To Build Corporate Identity

A strong corporate identity is an important part of helping your business to stand out from the competition. With strong branding, you can help your customers recognize and understand your business, making […]

Getting The Tech You Need For Your Business

No matter what stage you’re at with your business, sooner or later you’ll need to think about your technological needs. Having the right machines and software will allow you and your team […]

Why Starting A Business Is A Very Millennial Thing

As a millennial, you know all the unique challenges being a part of your generation brings – all those thought piece articles, written by the generations before us on the internet, can […]

Here’s The True Hidden Costs Behind Starting A Business

So, you want to start а company and are wondering where to begin and what it will cost? Mоst wоuld аdvіsе thаt уоu bеgіn wіth рuttіng tоgеthеr а busіnеss рlаn, there is […]

Here Is How Your Small Business Can Have A Big Impact

When you first set up your business, you can feel like a very small fish in a big pond. And you are! When you’re new, your small business is new too. And […]

Geek Alabama’s 4000th Post, The State Of Me And The Blog

This is Geek Alabama’s 4000th post!  Yes, I have written 4000 posts on this site since the site was started in April 2012.  And to start things off, I wanted to highlight […]

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