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Watch Smarter Every Day Explain How YouTube, Twitter, And Facebook Can Be Manipulated

Yes, people can take advantage of social media and manipulate anyone.  Smarter Every Day and Destin Sandlin did a series talking about Social Media Manipulation.  Social Media Algorithm manipulation and countermeasures can […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: Every Car Enthusiast’s Worst Nightmare

You bought a very expensive car, and you are going out on a joyride.  Then you encounter a road that has terrible pavement.  The road is filled with potholes, and road patches.  […]

Facebook To Invest $750 Million In Huntsville Alabama Data Center With 100 Jobs

UPDATE: This post is written by Jerry Underwood from Made In Alabama.  Learn more at: http://www.madeinalabama.com/ Facebook announced plans today to build a $750 million data center in Huntsville that will create 100 high-paying jobs […]

See Some Types Of Neighborhood Facebook Group Moms That You Might Encounter

Many people are on Facebook, including moms!  Some can whine about traffic, some must be concerned about just about everything, some moms want to sell stuff you don’t want, and some just […]

Learn How You Can Make Your Facebook Account And Privacy Settings More Secure

UPDATE: This post is written by Tiffany Westry Womack from Alabama NewsCenter.  Learn more at: http://alabamanewscenter.com Social media giant Facebook is gradually making changes to the design of its privacy settings page in order to make […]

Put Your Alabama County Geography To The Test

If you live in Alabama, or any US state for that matter, do you know which county you live in?  I mean, if you are shown a map of your state, can […]

Animation Monday: How Facebook Is Stealing Billions Of Views

On this Animation Monday on a Tuesday, let’s talk about a problem with a lot of people on YouTube.  People are taking other people’s content on YouTube, uploading the videos on Facebook, […]

My Thoughts About Ahmed Mohamed And The Homemade Clock

I mean come on, stereotyping someone because of the color of their skin, this is so 50 years ago, right?  Sadly it’s not, even in today’s world there are some people who […]

Some People Thinks Those On Food Stamps Are Like Animals

So this post will probably make some of you not happy, especially the ones who believe that the ones who are struggling should be forced to starve and beg.  A few weeks […]

What Has Gone Wrong With Buffer App

I have a pretty good social media following, and to keep up with what I post on social media, I use Buffer app.  I have not had any problems with the app […]

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