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Animation Monday: Walking Dead

I enjoyed watching the Talking Dead special on AMC last weekend.  And if you are a fan of the Walking Dead Comic Books I have lots of news for you.  First a character favorite from the comic books is going to be in season 3.  You saw her briefly at the end of season 2 with her two zombie pets.  Michonne played by Danai Gurira is going to be a major zombie killer in season 3 and during Talking Dead they showed a great preview clip of Michonne killing several zombies by slicing their heads off with her sword.  And then she picks up a few packets of Aspirin. But I can not show you the video as AMC is very strict about leaked videos online.  This was something I learned from The Walking Dead Panels at the Alabama Phoenix Festival. But here is a still photo of Michonne killing those zombies in that scene.


If you read the comics which has a heavy influence on the TV show you probably already know some of the things that might happen in season 3.  And the creator and executive producer Robert Kirkman dropped something during the Talking Dead show that has fans buzzing.  He said  “I’m sick of teasing and not really answering questions, so I’m just going to say that we’re revealing this season that aspirin is the cure for zombie-ism.”  Of course he was probably joking but could he dropping hints on season 3?  Also the cast and producers from the show said there will be lots of killing from both zombies and people in season 3 and the show is going to be much more fast paced.

And if you are going to San Diego Comic-Con you are going to want to stop by The Walking Dead booths.  One there is going to be a real model of Michonne and one of her zombie pets.  And you will get the chance to have a chain around your neck and be the second zombie pet.  I am sure that is going to be a fan favorite.  And there will be plenty of t-shirts, games, autographs, and other things to satisfy your craving for zombies.  I can not wait for season 3 to premiere in October.

And all of you Walking Dead comic book fans just can not wait for midnight tonight!  Because The Walking Dead issue #100 comes out and many comic book shops are opening at midnight to sell the special issue.  Go to for more information and good luck if you are going out tonight.

Go to for all of the official maps and schedules of The Walking Dead at Comic Con.

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  1. okay im not comic book fan but i love the walking dead and everything about it. I mean i read the comic books its just that im more of a fan to the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!And your articles are amazing too by the way!!!!!!

  2. I sometimes read the comic books and I really love the TV show. The sad thing is my mom still does not know what happened in season 2 and is waiting for the DVD. And since she has Dish Network she does not get AMC which sucks. By the way thanks for the great comments about my articles!