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TV Review: Duck Dynasty

I have to admit that I really enjoy this series on A&E and yes this show is much better than “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.”  Duck Dynasty just started its second season on A&E this week and in my opinion this show does a much better job depicting a southern redneck family than that show on TLC does.  Here is a clip to the show.  Yes the guys have very long beards!

Duck Dynasty follows the Robertson Family and their business Duck Commander.  This family was originally dirt poor but due to their success of their business they are wealthy now!  The business sells duck calling equipment and a wide variety of merchandise.  The first 15 episodes in season 1 showed us how the Robertson Family runs their business.  Plus we got to see their daily lives.  All while looking at those big beards!

The season 2 premiere got close to four million viewers!  And the premiere topped all scripted shows on cable and even a couple of broadcast shows could not match the numbers of Duck Dynasty.  And yes the show was trending on Twitter and Facebook all night long!  Many people on social media was telling everyone to watch this show!  And I tuned in to the season 2 premiere.   The first episode shows one of the father’s teaching a kid to drive.  And then the kid got to drive a all-terrain vehicle that goes into a ditch.  The second episode was fun to watch.  The girls were asking for a window in their playhouse.  So how do you cut a window into a plastic playhouse?  Yes we just found a new use for a chainsaw!  The family and friends also fixed up a lawnmower to race in.  And they were rooting for not coming into last place!

But after watching these two episodes I saw one great thing!  The bond between this family is very strong!  After watching that show on TLC; this show actually made me appreciate Duck Dynasty even more!  The Robertson family are rednecks, but they’re not stupid.   And more importantly, they’re in on the joke.  We’re laughing with them, not at them.  Many of the kids were having fun while they were shooting BB guns at decoy ducks out of their playhouse.  But you did not hear any cuss words or see any scenes that could make you cringe.  You saw everyone on-screen laughing and having a good time!  And that’s how families should always enjoy their time together!

What I also like is their faith.  To them, Jesus really is Lord!  You see them praying before eating dinner on TV.  This is something many networks would cut out!  Having real people who follow Jesus Christ and God is something you like to see.  I now declare Duck Dynasty as the best reality show on TV!  There’s no Cussing, no degrading women, no one being harmed or being made fun of, and best of all, no making fun of being a redneck.  This family believes in teaching the younger generation about values that keep a family together.  And yes; someone finally got a reality show correct!  And I hope we will see more shows like this in the future!

Duck Dynasty airs new episodes on Wednesday nights on A&E.  For more information on the business Duck Commander go to:

Here’s hoping some folks from Duck Dynasty will come over to the Anniston/Oxford Alabama area soon!  Yes we have seen the cast members from “Swamp People” and “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” swing by!  I would love to cover these wonderful people too!

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  1. I’ve recently become a new fan of this show–for all of the reasons you mentioned!

  2. This is a feel good show that anyone in the family can watch! Plus showing the family in prayer before dinner is something needed in TV more. Thanks for commenting!