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Rainsville Tornado

One of the few tornadoes to be rated an EF5 on April 27th hit in Dekalb County Alabama.  Communities such as Geraldine, Fyffe, Rainsville, and Sylvania were hit hard of this tornado.  33 people died on that day and the tornado path was a little over 33 miles.  The most impressive part about this storm was many people saw this storm from a huge distance away.  This video was shot at Mentone, AL.  The structure on this storm is just jaw-dropping.

Simply seeing a huge tornado just going south of Rainsville has to seen chills down anyone’s spine.  These two videos show the power of this tornado.

This person got a little too close for comfort as the tornado passed by her house.  Some of these tornado videos feature people who are scared or frightened.  And their breathing becomes very heavy.  These folks should be in a shelter instead of becoming a YouTube star.

This was indeed a strong tornado!

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