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A Couple of Rants

On Wednesday my mother and I went to the Pelham Civic Center for a job fair hosted by Employment Seeker.  And we were both disappointed.  

Many people turned out dressed professionally for this job fair.  And we both thought there would have been over 600 jobs available like the local news had said.  But that figure was blown out of the water.  There was not 600 jobs there; in fact some of the employers never showed up!  Each of us was given a list of the employers at this job fair.  Let’s highlight it.

The employers available was worse than the same job fair I went too last October.  This was a disappointment that this job fair pretty much sucked!  The only employer that I feel I have a chance was Best Buy.  Their people were very nice at the job fair.  But many of the other employers said “go online” or never had a great conversation with the people.  If I am still unemployed next fall I hope this job fair can be better!  This would be the end of the post but going there and back also turned into a major hassle!

ALDOT decided to close a lane down at the Coosa River bridge on Interstate 20 with little warning!  Before we got to this traffic backup I noticed something that was not good at all.

Someone at ALDOT decided to tar out the white line for miles on I-20.  This is not much of a problem during the daytime; but at night who can see the lines on the road?  While you are at it; go ahead and tar out the remaining lines on the road.  All this is going to do is cause a major accident; oops!  Too late.

This easily reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where Kramer paints over the lines on the road with black paint to make the lanes wider.  This only causes a major problem.

This is just a major problem ALDOT continues to have.  Let’s do stupid things to cause accidents and wrecks.  And when someone gets killed because of poor roads; we lower the speed limit on I-20 to 55 for miles and let the Alabama State Troopers victimize ticket people.  I wish the troopers would enforce drivers doing bad things on the road like hogging the left lane and going in and out of traffic.  Interstate 20 from Birmingham to Atlanta has seen numerous wrecks and something needs to be done to stop the stupid drivers.  Maybe its time to lower the speed limit all the way from Birmingham to Atlanta so drivers would be safer and we are not sitting in something like this.

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