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Video Roundup: Tornado Videos During April 2020

April 2020 has been a very active month for tornadoes.  Below, you can watch some of the best tornado videos and the damage the tornadoes left behind. Click to rate this post! […]

The Evening Post: 3-31-2020 Eufaula, Alabama Massive Tornado

This tornado season is off to a major start.  On March 31, a EF2 tornado went through the southern sections of Eufaula, Alabama.  Below, you see the tornado on camera and some […]

The Evening Post: Tishomingo, MS Close Up Video Of Damaging Tornado

During the week, a tornado stuck in Tishomingo, MS.  Live Storms Media used a drone to capture the tornado.  See it below. Click to rate this post! [Total: 0 Average: 0]

See Drone Video From The 1-11-20 Pickens County, Alabama Tornado

Last Saturday, a EF-2 Tornado struck in Pickens County, Alabama which sadly killed 3 people and injured other people.  Below, you can view drone video taken by Live Storms Media and ABC […]

Video Roundup: Videos From The December 16 Severe Weather Event

On Monday, December 16th, multiple tornadoes tore across the Deep South.  Tornadoes wrecked havoc across Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.  Below, you can see damage the tornadoes caused.  The videos come from Live […]

The Evening Post: Drone Does 360 View Around Tornado

This is amazing footage!  Live Storms Media had a drone do a 360 loop around a real tornado.  This tornado was in Texas, and the views were amazing.  See it below! Click […]

Watch A Video Showing USA Tornadoes By Year 1950-2017

Alabama is known as one of the top places in the entire world for strong and damaging tornadoes.  And in the video below, you can see every tornado and intensity from 1950 […]

One Year Anniversary Of The Jacksonville, Alabama Tornado

One year ago this week, a EF-3 tornado ripper through Jacksonville, Alabama and Jacksonville State University.  The tornado damaged many buildings on the campus and in the city.  Thankfully no one was […]

Video From The 3-14-19 Alabama Tornado Event

Last Thursday, Alabama saw over 10 tornadoes across the central and northern part of the state.  Many were either ranked as a EF-0 or EF-1, although the strongest was a EF-2.  Below […]

Pictures And Video From The March 3, 2019 Alabama Tornadoes

Last Sunday, a tornado outbreak occurred across Alabama and Georgia.  Multiple tornadoes caused damage in numerous towns.  But, the strongest and worst tornado of the day occurred in Lee County, Alabama.  The […]

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