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Cullman Tornado

Another significant tornado to hit Alabama on 4-27-11 was the Cullman, Alabama tornado. This tornado went through the heart of downtown Cullman.  This tornado was the first to be caught on a skycam from ABC 33/40.

The tornado damaged numerous buildings all throughout Cullman.  Several historic buildings in downtown Cullman had to be torn down.  Check out the damage path from high up in a helicopter.

And probably one of the most scariest videos of the outbreak is when the girl in Cullman got sucked into the tornado and smashed into the building.

Although Cullman was damaged on April 27th; the city has come back stronger than ever! The entire downtown area is coming back and more and more signs of the tornado can not be seen anymore.  You have to admire the people of Cullman for working hard in the aftermath of the tornado.

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