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Animation Monday: Tornadoes

This week on Animation Monday I wanted to continue the tornado theme since Geek Alabama is remembering the 4-27-11 tornado outbreak.  I think everyone has seen the movie Twister.  This movie was groundbreaking as all of the tornadoes were created with computer animation.  Of course when Twister came out computer animation was just beginning.  This movie not only featured animated tornadoes but the debris such as houses, farm equipment, and even cows were computer animated as well.  Now I just wish they would make a Twister 2 movie.

Of course animated tornadoes were not just in the movies.  Some cartoons also had animated tornadoes.  Some favorites include Popeye the Sailor Man and Mickey Mouse.  Also one episode of Phineas and Ferb had Dr. Doof trying to destroy Danville with a tornado but he got sucked in himself.  So who is next in the animated tornado department since tornadoes have been getting a bad rap.  Who knows.

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