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Why I Need A New Phone

I have to admit it; I need a new phone!  Every time I go out to an event I get embarrassed to pull out my basic cheap cell phone while watching everyone else playing on their smart phones.  The last few big events; Word Camp Birmingham; Food Blog South; and the Alabama Social Media Association luncheon.  I watched as everyone else had their smart phones out checking messages on Twitter or Facebook.  I even saw some playing games on their phones while there was a lull in action.

See the above pictures; you see many people looking on their smart phones doing things.  And here I am with a cheap phone that has limited internet action.   Believe me; when I go out to events the people who follow me on Twitter and Facebook would like to know what is going on.  So when I am at a conference I have to pull out my big laptop computer to send off messages because my phone is not that great.

Every time I log on to Facebook I see more friends with a smart phone icon next to their names.  Even my brother’s girlfriend now has a smart phone.  And mom you know my brother will be asking for a smart phone upgrade soon.  So it will eventually get to the point when I am the only one without a smart phone since mostly everyone that are friends with me on Facebook and Twitter has a smart phone.  And yes I have gotten some e-mails from people wanting me to review their apps and write about them on Geek Alabama.  And it’s sad when I have to write them back turning down the review because I do not have a smart phone.  I even have a code from the Geek Mom blog for a free download of the iMap Weather Radio app.  But I can not use it.

Don’t get me wrong; I love my current phone.  But I also realize I need a smart phone if I want to move Geek Alabama and my social media accounts to the next level.  But I have one problem and if you have been following Geek Alabama for a while now you know this.  I have been unemployed for 10 months now.  And I am trying hard to find something now.  If I want to move to the next level on Geek Alabama such as a podcast, move to, and new features.  I need a smart phone!  Kind of embarrassing I run Geek Alabama and do not have a smart phone.  It’s like running a restaurant without a cook.  Or driving a car without the wheels.

Next week when me and my mom goes to the next Alabama Social Media Association luncheon we will both see just about everyone with smart-phones and their fancy gadgets.  And here we are with our cheap phones.  I will let you know how that goes.

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