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One Spoiled Rotten Dog

My mom’s dog Georgina is so spoiled they have to take her outside at night with a flashlight.  That’s right; they shine a flashlight at the spots Georgina likes to sniff and then she uses the bathroom.  The dog will not go outside at night without someone carrying a flashlight.  Just watch the video below and see what I mean.

Georgina loves seeing me coming over to mom’s house.  I have to love her for hours on end.  And when I go over I usually brush her.  And she has a lot of hair that comes out.

You have to wonder what Georgina is thinking when I come over.  She loves the petting and treats I always give her.  So what is going through her head when she sees me.

Love me.

Feed me.

Love me.

Love me.

Give me a treat!

Come on; Love me!

That love feels good!

Yep!  My mom has one very spoiled dog!  And I think she knows what a camera is.  Because I always get great dog pictures!

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